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Instituto Cervantes NBLEW P.O. Box 689. NL 3500 AR UTRECHT KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS Companies House Cardiff. Mr. J. Connolly. Crown Way, Maindy. Cardiff, CF4 3UZ. WALES UNITED KINGDOM. Concerns: Annual Return Our ref.: ICNBLEW/CHC980309 Your ref.: REMAR/03300636. Dear Mr Conolly, This weekend I received your letter of last 16 January directed to Seagull Participations Limited in Folkestone with the following text. "Annual return reminder notice. INSTITUTO CERVANTES LIMITED. As an officer of the above company you may wish to know that a shuttle annual return (form 363s) has recently been issued to the registered office of your company. The checked and completed form must be delivered to the Registrar of Companies, together with the appropiate filing fee, no later than: 07/02/1998. An annual return is required whether or not your company has traded. You should be aware that failure to deliver the annual return on time is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE for which the company and its officers could be prosecuted. It is important, therefore, that this form is delivered to the Registrar by the date indicated above. If the shuttle annual return (form 363s) was not received, or it has been mislaid, a re-issue may be obtained by contacting the number quoted in the box at the head of this notice. If this is a private, non-trading company which is not longer needed, you may be able to apply for its removal from the register under section 652 of the Companies Act 1985. Please ring (01222) 380092/380037 for advice. IT IS POSSIBLE THAT THIS NOTICE MAY HAVE CROSSED WITH THE DELIVERY OF THE ANNUAL RETURN TO THE REGISTRAR, IF THIS HAS OCCURRED AND THE ANNUAL RETURN HAS SINCE BEEN ACCEPTED FOR REGISTRATION, PLEASE DISREGARD THIS NOTICE AND ACCEPT OUR APOLOGIES FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE CAUSED." In this respect I owe you a declaration. As from the moment of my appointment as director of this company I have been working towards a family company 'Van der Heyden/Spencer' together with Lady Diana Frances Spencer, Princess of Wales. As the owner of the trade-mark 'Instituto Cervantes' in the Benelux I delegated my authorities in the United Kingdom to Her in April of last year after having proposed to her on 28 December 1996. I advised My Lady to change the company into a holding company 'Instituto Cervantes Holding Limited' with Business Units to be established in Stratford-upon-Avon. The objective of the company will be in general providing work for Dutch- and English speaking people with Spanish as their second language in close collaboration with the Spanish Government. Therefore I had advised the Princess to search for capital investors. In my vision She did so in Her contacts with e.g. Mr Christopher Whalley and Mr. Dodi Al-Fayed. Therefore I sent the following fax-message to the Chairman of Harrods on 29 August 1997: To Harrods Knightsbridge. Attention: Mr Mohammed Al Fayed. From the press I noted that Mr Al Fayed Junior had marriage-intentions with the Princess. But that was not possible of course, because I was expecting Her reaction in the second half of September. In order to help the Princess out of Her awkward position I sent the following letter to Her Majesty the Queen two days before. HONOURABLE PROPOSAL. The fatal accident in Paris on 31 August made an end to our illusions. LAST WILL In December 1996 - the month in which I proposed to the Princess - Her final Last Will was made up by Mr Anthony Julius. Last week a five years old will has been published. I herewith declare that will as invalid. I consider the use of that last will as a crime against my organisation and will demand a rectification of the publication of the FALSE LAST WILL OF THE PRINCESS OF WALES. You may understand the reason of the delay. Therefore my sincere apologies. I will ask my secretary Mr T.Th.A.J. Manders of Seagull Participations Limited to send you the 363s Annual return form. Please give my regards to Mr John Holden. Yours sincerely, JOHANNES L. VAN DER HEYDEN Former Personal Advisor of The Princess of Wales. P.S. On last 23 December I delivered my Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales at BUCKINGHAM PALACE, KENSINGTON PALACE and 10 Downing Street, London. YOUR REFERENCE 240 67551 27448 A TO INLAND REVENUE