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Date: 7 November 1997. Concerns: BIRTHDAY Reference: ICNBLEW/Harrods971107. Dear Mr Al Fayed, Next to my letter WINDSOR ESTATE IN PARIS of last 17 October I can report the following: In the article Dianarama (25) in NRC Handelsblad of last 5 November I read: 'An Egyptian lawyer who in the name of islam has started a series of processes without success has started last Tuesday a process against the British queen Elizabeth. Lawyer el-Habishi keeps the queen responsible for the death of Diana.' Although I am aware of the importance for concerned lawyer to gain a success, unfortunately I have to disencourage him in this letter. I do this out of my personal sense of responsibility also for the benefit of your case. This is a question of Honour and I would like to avoid this lawyer a new disappointment. Therefore I quote the Daily Mail of 14 AUGUST 1997, four days before my announced visit to KENSINGTON PALACE and BUCKINGHAM PALACE.

"Exclusive: Princess halts speculation over her romance NO WEDDING SAYS DIANA. THE Princess of Wales spoke out last night to half feverish speculation that she be about to remarry. In a carefully-worded remark she said: 'I haven't taken such a long time to get out of a bad marriage to get into another one.' The decision to make her first public comment on her relationship with Egyption-born Dodi Fayed comes amid suggestions that the summer romance is speeding towards a proposal. Diana, 36 and the 41-year old playboy son of Harrods boss Mohamed Al Fayed, have shared two Mediteranean holidays in the past month and spent a weekend in Paris. Then on Tuesday came her extraordinary decision to take her new man by helicopter to visit Rita Rogers, the psychic who has counselled her for years. As the Daily Mail reveals today, the primary purpose of the trip may not have been to discover what the future holds for their friendship, but to comfort a friend of Mrs Rogers who is suffering from cancer. Whatever the true destiny of Diana's relationship with Dodi, she made clear that any talk of marriage was premature. She spoke out to the Greek columnist Taki Theodoracopulos, who r e p o r t s t h e i r c o n v e r s a t i o n in tomorrow's Spectator magazine. The Princess and her new friend will be parted today. Dodi is returning to his home in Los Angeles while Diana, who has private engagements with friends, is due to remain in London. But they were together last night.

The Princess drove from her KENSINGTON PALACE home to spend the evening at Dodi's Park Lane apartment, just as she did last week on the eve of her landmines campaign trip to Bosnia. Her diary remains empty for much of August untill William and Harry return from their Scottish holiday with Prince Charles. But there are no plans so far for her to join Dodi in America. Yesterday, the Derbyshire village of Lower Pilsley was still recovering from the unexpected visit by the Princess and Dodi to Mrs Rogers' home. They spent 90 minutes there after Diana received a call from the medium asking her to drop in and comfort her friend. But it was the presence of Dodi at Diana's side - they dashed from the Harrods helicopter hand in hand - that raised eyebrows. For it appeared to show that she was prepared to introduce him to all facets of her life, etc. etc.".

As one can not judge on the basis of speculations but only on facts and personal statements of My Lady there will be not any possibility to gain some profit out of this situation for the lawyer although it is very tragic. You lost your son and I lost My Princess. Let us be wise and look for a positive outcome out of this terrible situation. As you know I would have married Diana last 28 September if she would have accepted my proposal. In my inner circle I received the confirmation that she was willing to do so. I have also one explanation why she visited Mrs Rogers. In my first letter to Her on 7 October last year I declared that I had the capacity of clearvoyance. After that she took over all my advises and communicated her feedback by her own chosen communication strategy that I understood for a hundred percent. Next Sunday I will become 50 years old. As from 28 August 1996 (correction 3-3-2004) I worked on the relationship with Princess Diana to start our Family Company before my fiftieth birthday. Both of us were heading into the same direction as from 22 April 1992.

Now I have to go alone through life. Which woman is prepared to marry a 50 years old man. I don't know. My heart is still full of emptyness and darkness. Nevertheless I advise you to pick up my ideas and bring the Windsor Estate in Paris into the Company and participate in Cervantes Air. Then I will do my best to work towards a European citizenship for you in the year 2000. Herewith you find my Certificate of Incorporation Instituto Cervantes Limited England and Wales with fragments of my Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales, which proves that I proposed to Her already on 28 December last year and acted according to The Rules. It would have been against The Rules when My Lady would have accepted a marriage proposal from your son as I was expecting Her answer on last 14 September. I hope We will celebrate Christmas together in Peace and Prosperity. Yours sincerely, INSTITUTO CERVANTES HOLDING LIMITED. JOHANNES L. VAN DER HEYDEN. VICE PRESIDENT. Enclosed: Certificate of Incorporation of Instituto Cervantes Limited England and Wales with fragments of my Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales.