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J.L. Van der Heyden Neude 30C NL 3512 AG UTRECHT Netherlands Management Christie's Dept. I.C.D. 8 King Street St. James's LONDON SW1Y 6QT GREAT BRITAIN Concerns: The Red Carpet Our reference: ICNBLEW/Christie's971104 Your reference: 361106 Dear Sirs, I am obliged to thank you for the sending of your purple brochure that I received yesterday. Within this context I sent a confidential letter to your colleagues in Amsterdam on last 29 August with the following message.

"With a lot of pleasure I established that you lay out the red carpet for me. I hope this will also concern My Partner in the United Kingdom on next 28 September in Palace Het Loo in APELDOORN. On last 22 April I had a conversation with Mr David Lancaster of Christie's in London.

On that occasion I have asked him if he would be prepared to auction my pen with purple ink with a meantime historical value of 'something more than a million guilders'. As soon as a historical agreement would be signed with that pen that would certainly be possible according to Mr Lancaster. On that same day I attended The Changing of the Guard before BUCKINGHAM PALACE and showed enclosed photograph to the palace guards. On that day I also presented a painting at KENSINGTON PALACE for Princess Diana and authorized Her to execute my authorities as Director of the Limited Company Instituto Cervantes England and Wales in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile I appointed Her Queen of Hearts (on 6 November 1996 in BRUSSELS) and Head of My Organization. I also proposed Her to change the whole organization into a Family Company as from next 28 September. On last 18 August I visited KENSINGTON PALACE again.

In the palace I have presented my 'Certificate of Incorporation Instituto Cervantes England and Wales'. So the business is almost complete. The only thing that I still need is a signature of the Princess. Within this matter I hope to count on the collaboration of Christies. Obviously it is known to you that 'purple' and 'red' is Her favourite colour combination. With kind regards, INSTITUTO CERVANTES Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales, JOHANNES L. VAN DER HEYDEN, Founder Foundation Cervantes Benelux, Owner Trademark 'Instituto Cervantes' in the Benelux, Owner Limited Company 'Instituto Cervantes England and Wales', Manager Benelux. Enclosed: 'My Queen of Hearts', 'Purple full of Love about Kok and Van Mierlo'."

Unfortunately this letter can not remain confidential anymore because We lost Her two days later. On 28 September I went alone to Palace Het Loo. I went to the King William III room, that I had reserved for the celebration.

The dinner table with red and purple flowers had been removed. Then I went to The Engelenburg Castle in Brummen, a former Van der Heyden Family Castle.

There it was confirmed that Princess Diana agreed with my plans. She had visited the estate nine months before by helicopter. Shortly after She had received my 28 orange and red roses on 28 August. It was also confirmed that the song Candle in the Wind was named after the candle that I lighted for Her on the first of August in Canterbury Cathedral after I had offered the Crown Princes of Spain, Luxemburg, Belgium and the Netherlands a seat in the government of the Foundation Cervantes Benelux. Therefore I called Her My Fifth Rose. This theme has also been introduced in the song of ELTON JOHN. I have decided that Princess Diana will remain posthumously Head of My Organization. Meanwhile the changing of the limited company into a holding company has been set into operation. I will take the responsibility of Vice President of the holding and requested Diana's brother to become the President of the holding. The Foundation Cervantes Benelux will be changed into'European Cervantes Foundation and into International Cervantes Foundation in a later stage. The main objective of the foundation will become setting up charity projects in Spanish speaking countries in the spirit of My Lady.

As a prove I herewith send you my Business Plan and the manuscript of my book'Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales on floppy disk. Therefore I request you to transfer the profit of the auction of My Lady's dresses to account number 4729266 of the Foundation Cervantes Benelux. I also request you to reserve part of the amount personally for me to buy the Engelenburg Castle with the objective to organize congresses there about doing business with Spain in a responsible way. It would be good that the castle becomes in hands of the family again. Of course I will invite members of the Princess of Wales Memorial Fund in the Government of the European Cervantes Foundation.

With kind regards.

Yours sincerely,

Johannes L. Van der Heyden

Your code 361106 means to me that I will celebrate Diana's 36th birthday on coming 6 November during a Royal Captains Dinner in Loosdrecht.

- Certificate of Incorporation Instituto Cervantes Limited England and Wales
- Business Plan and Manuscript 'Letters to Diana' on floppy disk in ClarisWorks (Macintosh)

Today I received a little statue of an angel carrying a red candle and a so called mistery present representing a peacock caring for three mushrooms from which two are broken down. My intuition tells me that this present must have a deep significance. It makes me think of a dear Lady and the broken hearts of two children who have my deepest concern. I think a lot of them. I hope it gives them some consolation and it will be a symbol of the new light. Tonight I will light the candle.

I'm solving a financial temporary problem, but I hope you will be able to come. The business plan I'm translating myself. I will bring it with me and come by train. Afterwards I will stay with you if you wish and follow you to England. In your country I can be appointed Earl. We had some more earls in our family, for example Karel (1749-1826), Senator in the Imperial Court of Napoleon in Paris (1810). Now I only can be called Sir. That would be a final solution of my personal problem and perhaps of yours as well. This would also be the end of a new fairy tale and a new chapter of the Bold and the Beautiful. There's only one problem: I'm ugly. Yours, Peter Pan.

Concerns: Core Business. In due course you need no heart surgeon anymore. After having reached a business agreement we can share our experiences. I will do the utmost to make it a success. So let it happen. You looked wonderful in New York. Mr Mac Knight has done a very good job. Please watch your health. Your Knight. The real one.

Date: 28 December 1996.
Concerns: Decision.
If we can reach a business agreement I will marry you.
If not, I will marry you too.
If you want. Yours.

I can inform that the continuity of British Monarchy has my Supreme Concern as a member of the oldest noble family of this continent that produced every Royal House in Our Continent. I am still prepared to marry the mother of Prince William. I have no problem with Her temporary relationship with Mr Al Fayed in order to raise a financial participation in the Business Plan Instituto Cervantes Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales.

"No wedding says Diana"
'A seance? No, we visited the sick'. I noticed that you visited a clairvoyant and Harrods brought a special delivery to KP in the colours of the Institute of English Studies. Nice of them. My competitor/concolleague in Madrid is the King of Spain. But perhaps you know the text of our national anthem: 'The King of Spain I have always honoured'. This song was written by Marnix van Sint Aldegonde, a close friend of William of Orange and Gaspar van der Heyden, the founder of the Nether-Dutch Church and fellow founder of the State of the Netherlands. He descended from the oldest noble family of Europe. It's a pity for Mr Dodi that he has not the high noble standards that I have.

And now their faces are purple as heather.
I think Mr Peter Jones, from West Horsley, Surrey has got the message. To be continued, but on a professional basis." Finally I have your sizes 5ft 10in and 36-24-36. Now I can buy you a red and orange dress. In April I visited the wedding dress department at Harrods. We call this 'learning by experience' in management terms.

I have your best interest at heart.
With Love.

28 August.
A historical day. Welcome home again. It means to you a year of freedom. To me a year of new inspiration. A year of a new relationship with Britain. A new starting point. A new process. Forgetting Spain and Spanish for a while and concentrating on England and English. I look back with a great sense of satisfaction. I have learned to know you in a year. First by bying two books of Andrew Morton. Then newspapers in which I followed you and learned to know your world. As you stepped out of the royal household, I got into, although out of a humble atmosphere. You have been my inspiration to change. You inspired me to celebrate Christmas in the cradle of our royal family. You inspired me to found a new company in Britain with a world wide known name. You inspired me to invest all my money in a new relationship. You were - and still are - my invisible manager, the new partner on the other side of the sea. I learned a lot during the last year. First of all I learned to improve my English. I got new ideas, new thoughts and noticed that they are the same as yours. I even adapted your pronunciation after having seen and heard the video tape of your visit to Angola. I consider you as my spiritual sister or better: spiritual partner. You inspired me to come to England in April with a painting under my arms, representing a new organization. If it will become a family company. That will be your choice. I started the process and created the conditions. That process is still going on.

From: 'Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales'