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Saturday, 30-08-1997
The domestic circle is Balmoral Castle. I can understand that there will rise some excitement, but I am still prepared to solve their and your problem. This weekend I will also go to the new sauna centre Vitalizee in Scheveningen (tomorrow) of Mr Van de Veerdonk, the father of Gerbine. Furthermore I like to think of having invited myself in Kings College in Cambridge next 24 of December. That is a new objective, because I could not be there last year.
The message is: "Look out when you go to Harrods again'. That's why I wrote the message to Mr Al Fayed yesterday. And I think it will be wise to visit Balmoral Castle as well this time. You have the information you need. There you will meet Harry and William and Her Royal Majesty will be favourable to my plans because once I stated: 'The only person that may have my keys when I Di is Queen Elizabeth'. That was on the First of August last year. That was Five to Nill and it will become Six to Nill as well. In the fitness centre I found a black and purple umbrella. But 'purple' is not dead. On the contrary. We will have another purple government after the elections. Because 'purple' has proved to be the Success Formula in our country. Never in history the Dutch people has been as wealthy as we are now. And I happen to be their leader. So my course in the direction of a British-Dutch family company British-Dutch family company will remain fixed. I can not allow any obstructions from people who don't belong to the European Union. A 49% participation will be allright but I can not accept any intervention in my personal matters anymore. I also saw a boat, the Prince Constantijn. The third son of Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus was born here in Utrecht on 11 October 1969 and baptized in the Dom Church on 21 February 1970. Not far from here. The boat had three passengers with one red and two white umbrellas. I also noticed a car with the lettering 'Maas Services'. That's why I send a fax message to Mr Henk Maas. Then I read some letters that I sent to some persons and I realized: I hope the Princess of Wales will be alright at the moment. My plan is a positive plan and I understand your escape to Park Lane.