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Friday, 29-08-1997
You can count on me and please read the small letters at the foot of this letter. It is true indeed that inadvertence produces much trouble as you noticed in your contact with Annick of Le Monde. You are in a very difficult position, especially regarding your contact with Mr Al Fayed. You are in debt with him and can be blackmailed again. So it is a very good advice to pay him back. It would be very undesirable for the European Union if the Chairman of Harrods would get a British citizenship by abusing You, My Lady, as the Mother of King William. I mean this from the bottom of my heart.
I may presume that you read my dream of last week of our dive in the Egean Sea. I will dive in the depth today, writing again a letter to 'my Caretaker' (Mrs Sorgdrager). She wants to become Royal Commisioner of Utrecht as from next First January. That is a good idea. I already have Mr Hermans in Friesland as my supporter. She will be the second Royal Commissioner where I can rely on. And besides she will become the boss of our Lord Mayor, who refused to intermediate between me and the Spanish 'concolleague'. I also see that Prince Willem-Alexander and Miss Emily Bremers met each other last Friday in Restaurant Fouquet in the Javastraat in The Hague. They are informed about my intentions. I will also send a letter to Christie's Amsterdam and inform them about my conversation with Mr Lancaster last 22 April and the pen with purple ink. Letters to Mrs Sorgdrager with the title For the Love of a Princess and Christie's Amsterdam with the title The Red Carpet. I went into the shop of l'Innovation for the white costume. It is probably my size. I called de Baak to tell that I need time for negotiating with a British fusion partner. I see page 1, 2 and 3 of The Sun and notice that You were not home yesterday. If it's for fun and business, no problem. But my intuition tells me that You have to be careful with that man. He may be good looking, but he is dangerous with all those weapons. So please: Watch out! I sent Winnie also a letter of his father and my personal comment. I like the yellow swimsuit. You will be watched by Peter. Let's see what England thinks about it. I asked Our Government to organize The Party because the Minister of Finances is still in debt with me and economics are doing well in this country. All right. I will prepare myself for a trip to Balmoral Castle, and to America of course. But We have to go there together. I am glad that You have found a new sponsor already. Perhaps We can lend his jet ski during Our stay in California next month. I reported this good news to Mr Morton in a fax message, but it costed me some heart aches. 16.30 I reconsidered my situation and have an honourable proposal for your friend. When You agree in a joint venture Van der Heyden/Spencer, Mr Dodi Al Fayed may have a participation of 49%. I also allow You to get into contact with our Minister of Justice, My 'Caretaker'. At 18.30 Continental time I sent next fax message to Mr Mohamed Al Fayed: Information. Then I went to the fitness. I met a man from Bombay, India. He was very well acquainted with Mother Teresa. Afterwards I went to the pub King Arthur and told the barkeeper that I am preparing a flight to Balmoral next week. The man showed himself very concerned.