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Thursday, 28-08-1997
28 August. A historical day. Welcome home again. It means to you a year of freedom. To me a year of new inspiration. A year of a new relationship with Britain. A new starting point. A new process. Forgetting Spain and Spanish for a while and concentrating on England and English. I look back with a great sense of satisfaction. I have learned to know you in a year. First by buying two books of Andrew Morton. Then newspapers in which I followed you and learned to know your world. As you stepped out of the royal household, I got into, although out of a humble atmosphere. You have been my inspiration to change. You inspired me to celebrate Christmas in the cradle of our royal family. You inspired me to found a new company in Britain with a world wide known name. You inspired me to invest all my money in a new relationship. You were - and still are - my invisible manager, the new partner on the other side of the sea. I learned a lot during the last year. First of all I learned to improve my English. I got new ideas, new thoughts and noticed that they are the same as yours. I even adapted your pronunciation after having seen and heard the video tape of your visit to Angola. I consider you as my spiritual sister or better: spiritual partner. You inspired me to come to England in April with a painting under my arms, representing a new organization. If it will become a family company. That will be your choice. I started the process and created the conditions. That process is still going on.
Today I see the smiling faces of Mr Van Mierlo and Mrs Sorgdrager on the front page of 'de Telegraaf'. I think Mrs Sorgdrager (Caretaker) has taken good care for you and me during the last year. I will thank her therefore today in a letter. Today I will nominate Elizabeth - for the third time - as the Business Woman of the Year. That nomination must be granted because it is a great achievement to lead the most important management centre of the country as the first feminine statutary director in our history. Cancer: 'Today you are verbally talented. Don't underestimate the power of your words. If you need a sounding board for your ideas, visit then your neighbours or family. You have every reason to be optimistic.' That's obvious. Your frank support of the actual government has sounded all over the world. And you are completely right to honour the party that took over your idea on a total landmine ban. You will find the sounding board in Hyde Park of course metaphorically spoken. It is this letter and the letter that I am going to write to our Minister of Justice. On my way to the fitness this morning I met a group of wel dressed persons lead by a lady and her mother wearing an IES green dress and a green umbrella. I showed her my red umbrella and asked her if they were making a city tour. 'No I am a bride', was her reply. 'I am looking for a bride as well' was my answer. 'Oh, how nice' she reacted in good Dutch. 'Please be my guest and have a cup of coffee with us. Perhaps you'll find a new bride in our group'. Unfortunately I had to reject her offer and told her that I am looking for a bride in England. Besides I had to go to the Heart Fitness. 13.45 Letter to Veuve Clicquot. Letters to the Jury of the 'Prix Veuve Clicquot' concerning 'Business Woman 1998' and to the Minister of Justice titled 'Anniversary' concerning my First Engagement after My Divorce in which I invite the complete government on the Party of 28 September. I also noticed that you have the same fitness regime that I have. That's positive. I read pages 1, 6, 20, 21 and 22 of The Mirror. One remark about the article in 'Le Monde'. It shows the very big importance of very well guided communication processes. It is the specialism of the woman whom I nominated today for the third time to be proclaimed the Business Lady of the year 1998: The First Lady of the Netherlands. I also understand your gratefulness to the present British Government by taking over your ideas in banning out landmines on a world wide scale. That is humanitarian indeed and You may be grateful to people and organizations that support your humanitarian objectives. I read a remarkable observation on page 22 'DIANA'S confidence in being her own woman raises the question of who her advisers are these days'. On this first birthday of My First Engagement After My Divorce I hope that I have been a good support to You during the last year. And I think the second year will even be better. That's right. Sometimes I feel fooled indeed. Specificly concerning all the gossips in the papers about 'Love' instead of 'Strategy'. I don't have to sign up for a course, because I established my course already and that will be supported by the professionals of Corporate Governance. Because there will still be a lot to 'Govern' next year. Today you will be received by my friends from KENSINGTON PALACE, BUCKINGHAM PALACE, WINDSOR CASTLE, HAMPTON COURT PALACE and ETON COLLEGE. We love You all! And perhaps You receive a telephone call today of the Dutch First Lady 1998! I ended this evening with the song of Julio Iglesias: Let's sing a song of Joy, of Peace and Understanding!