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Wednesday, 27-08-1997
Now that you are on page three, she will be the number one of the leading group at the moment. And I am the number two. I will undersign The Contract next 28 September and start writing the proposal to Queen Elizabeth today. Sent enclosed letter Honourable Proposal to Balmoral Castle and a fax message to Mr Drs P. Slagter of the Faculty in Spanish of the University of Utrecht with a request to help in composing a coordinating task force. Mr Slagter is very known in the whole Spanish speaking world and I know him very well. As a matter of fact he presented the first course in Spanish before Dutch television Vamos a ver with Lola Spencer and also ¡Por favor!, recorded in Salamanca. I also read the article on page 2 of the Daily Mail of today. I am very glad with it, because I see that you have exactly the same ideas that I have and I will come running again when I can help you. I also read an article on page 3 of NRC Handelsblad with statements of my old friend of the limmericks about women trade in the Netherlands. That is a very bad tendency and can not be tolerated. I look at 'The Bold and the Beautiful' again with pleasure. I see an Egyptian Prince keeping imprisoned a beautiful woman. I think of Taylor & Francis from Basingstoke and their cybernetical processes. Their letter to Peter Pan Van der Heyden. The motive that I went back to Kensington. The Egyptian prince is called 'Sire', a title on which We were already addressed in the middle ages.