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Tuesday, 26-08-1997
I think of the horoscope of yesterday. Next actions still have to be taken:

1. Raising venture capital
2. Appointment Commercial Manager
3. Changing Foundation Cervantes Benelux into European Cervantes Foundation
4. Establishing Cervantes Recruitment & Selection on Schiphol Airport and Heathrow
5. Development Cervantes Education & Training
6. Development trainingsprogramme in favour of personal of Schiphol Airport and British Airways
7. Appointment Country Managers
8. Establishment Head Office in Stratford-upon-Avon

Concerning point 6 I need the address of Mr Daniel Cooke. I will also write a report to Elizabeth concerning Corporate Governance and Virgo: 'Join your forces with people who aim the same objectives when a new project has to be started. Be objective in your judgement of other people. When you are a leading figure you have to support subordinates.' I don't feel myself subordinate to her, but she can surely help. I think it is her turn now. Regarding the fact that Lady Ferguson some time ago forgot her money and creditcard when she visited London with her children and could not pay the theatre. And of course in your situation it will be undesirable for you to depend on the money of someone else. The absent colleague or partner that's me of course, because I am in the Netherlands again. Although you may find yourself on a journey already - Portofino - as a Royal a trip to Royal Tunbridge Wells may suit you. There they have wonderful and very healthy water. I sent a letter to Elizabeth and see you on Page three of The Mirror. You are not looking happy. Not at all. One may write that. But you are'nt. I see that. You are thinking of next 28 August, when you go back to Kensington and see your children. You are also thinking about your responsibilities. I think. 'Psychologically, you have adjustments to make if you are to progress on a personal and professional level. A mental blockage has stopped you from seeing where you should be going and what you should be doing. Pull up the shutters and take a look at life.' So you see. It's in the stars again. Scorpio: 'How long can you ding on to aspirations which are going nowhere? You've been flogging a dead horse and holding on to dreams which haven't a hope in hell of coming to fruition. Don't throw anymore money at an unviable proposition: dump it once and for all.' I don't dump it, but this is exactly the message that I sent to Noordwijk today. I requested my former colleague an ultimate service to preside a meeting with all Dutch parties concerned in order to delegate my responsibilities in the Benelux so that I can take over new duties in England. I see an article about an appartment in Park Lane. It is important that it has an outlook on Hyde Park. I also read an article on a back page of NRC Handelsblad of last 22 August (page 18). I see you running through the streets in London in a Harvard sweatshirt (and sunglasses). The same shirt that I saw two weeks ago in the fitness centre here in Utrecht. The article tells the story of Traci Lind (28) who once has been menaced by an Egyptian 'gentleman' with a pistol when she refused to divorce her husband, according to the article. So be careful. This afternoon I also have the occasion to look at 'The Bold and the Beautiful' since a long time. I see a boat called the 'Dream Maker' visiting the Canarian Island of Lanzarote. It has been a long time ago that I visited the Canarian Islands. I hope in 1999 to be able to make a cruise there on our own yaght and passing by Marivent Palace on Mallorca as well. I also know that the 'Belief Formula' works. Don't forget that I have been faithful and dedicated to you during almost a year. Only because of My Word. There is also a new product on the market: Sun Flower. I understand that you needed a place to hide near Hyde Park. You have to play the Monopoly game as well. With your own means and in your own way. I love the Spanish flag on the 'Dream Maker'. This evening I listened to 'Martin Guerre' again. I love you Diana. I mean it. From the bottom of My Heart. Herewith you find some photographs from England (Hever). I still love you Diana. On my Own Way. As from last year it has only been spiritual, but I think that is the best start of a new relationship.