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Saturday, 23-08-1997

You'll find Your Friends
In the Netherlands

The friend of the family is Mr Hans Backes in Delft. He is the driver of 'Vorsten' (Sovereigns) and has my complete confidence. I send him a copy of this letter without the enclosures, because it also contains a report of our journey. I also send him a letter with the following text (translation into English):

Dear Mister Backes,

With extraordinary great pleasure I herewith send you my 'Report 35' directed to The Princess of Wales. You are the first person who gets actual access to a part of my correspondence in Her direction. I also do this as token of great appreciation for the way in which you and Mrs Catherine ter Laan offered me an unforgettable journey to The Royal Gardens and The Royal Palaces of England. Again Thank You Very Much herefore. As discussed y would really like to organize a similar journey for 'Vorsten' to the 'Palacios Reales de España'. I think of visits to the 'Palacio de Oriente', the 'Palacio de la Zarzuela', 'El Pardo', 'La Moncloa' and eventually 'El Prado' (now museum) in Madrid, 'El Escorial' and 'La Casa del Príncipe' in San Lorenzo del Escorial and 'El PALACIO DE ARANJUEZ' in the surroundings of Toledo. I am very well known there and as the founder of the Foundation Cervantes Benelux, owner of the trade mark 'Instituto Cervantes' in the Benelux and the Limited Company 'Instituto Cervantes England and Wales' I have obviously a very strong affinity with the Spanish Royal House. I speak fluently Spanish (first degree), have a reasonable experience as travelling guide, a number of Madrilan friends and will bring in specialists where necessary. As the most appropriate moment seems to me the autumn holidays in October 1998, as than also teachers are free and the temperatures in Castile to bear. I am prepared to prepare this journey against reimbursement of expenses and to lead in good collaboration with Speedwell and 'Vorsten'. I would appreciate very much if you would mediate concerning this matter. In case this offer will be honoured positively I will get into contact with Mr Jaime Alfonsín, Secretario del Príncipe de Asturias, who knows me personally as 'amigo'. Also the main habitant of the Palacio de la Moncloa is a good acquaintance of mine. I received from him and his wife a personal card with Christmas. With kind regards, JOHN VAN DER HEYDEN"

This morning I went in white to the fitness center, the colour of Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur, Peace and Innocence. I think I will go in white when I marry again.

14.35 Train Utrecht - 's-Hertogenbosch. I see The Mirror page one, two and three and hope You are doing good business. Again there is no horoscope. So I hope that you can take over the initiative and show the world who is

The Boss

15.35 I am writing from the starting point of

The Dragon Vision Wizzard
of Oss

My coat was surrounded by white and purple towels. I had three glasses of "De Koninck". I saw a man, tall, long and skinny. A beard and a small face. He could have stepped out of the "Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha". Then green bath coats were hung on the hooks with the white and purple towels. Had a conversation with Gerbine and showed her my diary and the green pen from KENSINGTON PALACE. Je Maintiendrai.

This is the way my dreams come true.

For dinner I have plaice fillet filled with salmon in a
Dragon Sauce
And a Red Wine
I would like to remind you of my
Marriage Proposal

In the bath I had a conversation with "Don Quijote". He is the most perfect head figure for a Dodi Al Fayed Production of the Man of La Mancha. His features are so remarkable that he will be better than Peter O' Toole in a new production. You may tell that to Dodi. In that respect he gets my support.