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Wednesday, 20-08-1997 Hever Castle - County of Kent
Mrs ter Laan gave a short summary of the history of this castle and of he life of Anne Boleyn, who lived here. You know the story of course. 9.20 East Grinstead. This reminds me of the day that I would announce my proposed relationship in Amsterdam. The day that my wallet with your photograph was stolen. I noted that you intent to invite Mr. Clinton in Mr Fayed's residence in America. I don't think it's very wise because it may damage Mr Clinton's reputation being put in a compromising situation in which you find yourself now. Nevertheless I remain supporting you from behind the screens. Don't forget that Mr and Mrs Clinton know me very well as the spider in the world wide web and I would regret when my good name would be brought into disrespect by my One and Only


In Hever Castle I look at the portraits of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, her sister Mary (Bullen) and brother Charles (beheaded), Henry VII (father of the Tudor dynasty), Philip II of Spain (married with Elizabeth of Valois), Isabel of Portugal, Don Juan of Austria ('employer' of Cervantes), painted by Alonso Sánchez Coello, Margarite de Valois: La Reine Margot. Sir Winston Churchill came here regularly to dedicate himself on painting.

Great Hall
Dining room of the family Bullen. Tapestry with emblem of the order of the garter (again). Flemish furniture with
The Lion of Flanders. In the 15th century this was the Great Hall and it was originally open to the roof. The great tapestry depicts the story of

Goddess of Hunting

I heard the history of Waldorf Astoria. The descendant of Jan Jakob Astor from Waldorff near Heidelberg now lives as Earl and Viscount of Hever. The portrait above the fireplace shows John Jakob Astor who founded the Astor family's fortune in the late 18th century.

Room of Anne Boleyn. She fell in love with all consecuences. Hans Holbein made a portrait of Anne of Cleves (the Flemish Mary, one of our Family Members). After Anne of Cleves he fell in love with Catherine Howard who fell in love with other men and had to be beheaded as well. The tapestry in the Anne of Cleves Room was made in Doornik, after which the Doornenburg Castle was called. Henry VIII granted Hever Castle to Anne of Cleves after their divorce in 1540. She retained it until her death in 1557. The tapestry, circa 1522, was woven for the marriage of Princess Mary, sister of Henry VIII, to Louis XII.

The Staircase Gallery
Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Anne Boleyn and Queen Mary as the wife of King Philip II of Spain.

Bedroom of George Boleyn
(Rochford Room)

Bedroom of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
Letters of Catherine of Aragon to Henry VIII. His last wife: Katherine Parr.

Gallery of Statues
I recognize a strong family resemblance in Anne of Cleves. The family of Cleves is a branche of the Family Von Heyden. This concerns also the Family
Van Gelder. My first mother in law was Catharina van Gelder, probably a descendant of the Duke of Gelder. My father is probably of the noble Cleves' family Van der Heyden - Rijnsch. I see that this is a particular place to organize a conference with representatives from Spain, Britain and the Benelux. What touched me mostly during the visit was the letter of Catarina de Aragón to Her Almaço Rey Henry VIII. This can be a perfect "punto de partida" for an international congress.

Royal Tunbridge Wells

Heartsbridge: Winnie the Poeh. A spa like Royal Leamington. Beloved place of The Duchess of Kent and her daughter Queen Victoria. Church dedicated to King Charles I.

13.20 Two glasses of water from the wells: Tastes like Royal Love I prayed in the Church of King Charles the Martyr and had a drink Courage Directors With a purple label I read The Sun "Di's buy buy for Dodi" and noticed that the sun is shining again in the United Kingdom. You toured around on the Greek isle of Hydra. That's wonderful. Is'nt it? I visited that island as well with my first wife. The red cap suits you very well and I really appreciate the message Bye bye to Dodi!

Scorpio: "You are about to receive some kind of acceptance today, despite behind-the-scenes developments. Still a lot depends on whether colleagues and family are adaptable. But there is cause for optimism. So be strong, press ahead and you will find others will follow." 14.15 Here We go again. Next station: HAMPTON COURT PALACE again. I am glad that I don't need any Spanish Royal letters anymore for my security. By the way: The blue dress suits you as well. It's the colour of the Nassau Family like Princess Margriet wore during Her last visit to America. I see you have the same Samsonite bag that I have. It is very handy and can contain a lot of feelings.

14.35 We pass by Sevenoaks and the estate of Knole. It reminds me of Professor Knol and his commitment. 14.50 History of HAMPTON COURT: 1520

built by Cardinal Wolsey. He offered the castle to Edward VI, who was born here. 1530 Death of Wolsey. 15.45 "Red guided tour through the rooms of King William III". 16.45 Henry VIII tour. The tour ended before the painting of Henry VIII. I kneeled before the painting.

That was the first time that I kneeled before a king (and perhaps the last time).

17.45 I notice the shield Basingstoke and remember that some time ago I received a brochure directed to Pieter P. Van der Heyden: Peter Pan Van der Heyden. It meant to me that I had to fly back to Kensington. So I did. Twice. This afternoon I invited the boy who guided me around through the chambers of William and Mary to come to Palace Het Loo and gave him my Certificate of Incorporation.

I hope You will be there then as well. 19.15 I was attended by James this time telling him that I met Henry VIII today and he drank Beer all day long. 22.10 In the sauna I met two Arab speaking gentlemen. From Egypt, I suppose. Do you know if women trade is still a regular custom in Arab countries?