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Tuesday, 19-08-1997
From Kensington to BUCKINGHAM PALACE we passed yesterday by Park Lane, obviously also part of your Monopoly Game here. Regarding the player in the English game I quote some other lines - although it might hurt you, Dear Princess. But it's for the record and to share my experiences here in your well known Windsor. "Although she knew the Princess was holidaying nearby, she believed Mr Fayed when he told her she could not meet her because of security she said. "Suppose I'd met her and blurded out that Dodi and I were lovers and were striving passionately each night to create a child? I think that might have ruined Dodi's sales pitch," she said.... She spurned Mr Fayed's offer to pay for a psychiatrist to help her cope, she added.... Miss Fisher mentionned Mr Fayed's "awesome collection of guns". She was not the only one to have seen the armoury of the man who is a nephew of Adnan Khashoggi, one of the world's leading arms dealers." I don't get into that matter, but I would like to know how the
Archbishop of Canterbury is thinking about that. I also see The Spectator: "Robert Hardman on why we should not believe in the wedding of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Fayed. And what she told Spectator columnist Taki about it this week She won't marry him. That gives me some relieve.

Today was the day at WINDSOR CASTLE. We were guided around by Mrs Trudy Molhuizen. In Saint George's Chapel I prayed for you for a while. Mrs Molhuizen knew a lot about the Garter. She told the story of King Edward III and how the order was founded by him. Before entering the State Rooms I left my luggage to a lady called Marjory and showed her the certificate of incorporation of our limited (if you accept). She was very enthusiastic and advised me to speak with Mr Daniel Cooke of British Airways to tell him my story.

At 12.10 we went to Frogmore House. We visited the room of Queen Mary, the Black Museum, the Green Pavilion (green and red), the Charlotte and Victoria closet, the colonnade. I got in touch with your family: Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary, the Duchess of Kent, mother of Queen Victoria, King George III, King Leopold I of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, first king of Belgium. I was informed that Mrs Hamilton is the curator/caretaker of this house and Queen Elizabeth had here her birthday-dinner last year.

From 14.15 till 15.00 I was guided around - by personal initiative - through ETON COLLEGE by Mr. Christed Milder. He was delighted when I showed the certificate of "our" company and it was a pity of course that I had no more time to stay at ETON.

I told him about my last visit to ETON and he asked me where I had gone afterwards. "Henley, Stratford, Warwick", I answered. "Did you go down to the river in Henley?" he asked, "Yes to The Angel on the Bridge", "Oh, there they have good beer". "Yes, Brakspear" and I thought about the proposal of the director of the brewery to show me around in and around Abingdon. After having passed the house of ELTON JOHN we went to Royal Kew Gardens and of course the first pavilion that I visited was the Princess of Wales Conservatory.

Back in the hotel I spoke with a girl in the bar whom I told that I have some friends at ETON COLLEGE. "Yes I know, Prince William", she said. "I know him from the Pizza Hut in Windsor". Is'nt that wonderful? Had a conversation with Mrs Catharina ter Laan and Mr Hans Backes, the driver of Speedwell. I promised them my collaboration on a journey to be organized by VORSTEN to the Royal Palaces of Spain: Palacio de Oriente, Palacio de la Zarzuela, PALACIO DE ARANJUEZ, El Escorial for example. I hope that we will be a couple before.