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Friday, 15-08-1997
At 8.40 I revealed my secret to Mr Henk van der Meyden as a reaction on his article 'Goede vangst voor eenzame prinses' (Good catch for lonely princess) on page T13 of 'de Telegraaf' with a purple background and my remark that your new friend might be a good financial advisor (although I have some doubts). The situation is indeed improving. At the fitness I saw a boy in a T-shirt, with the lettering HARVARD, a girl with a green shirt and REGENT, a boy with the picture of our Queen and the lettering 'LIL' ANGEL', a man in a yellow T-shirt and a sort of bodyguard in Purple. Mr Henk Maas came by. He will study the Business Plan and look if he can find persons to carry it out. He is interested in contact with Henley Management College. I see that in England the cloudy sky is sunny again. So your ex-friend is engaged already in America. Don't worry. As I wrote in an earlier stage: For every problem there is a solution. He can marry his fiancee and I am still available. In no time We can have the most successful company that ever existed. I also spoke with 'Gilde Investment Management' in Utrecht that certainly is interested in a participation as soon as the first informal investor has been found. This Investment Company disposes of a capital of 1.5 billion guilders. So you see. We don't have to depend on no one. When you embrace my plans it will become a Super World Wide Organization. I am sure of that!

I sent the following fax message to Mr Andrew Morton: Poems. Finally I have your sizes 5ft 10in and 36-24-36. Now I can buy you a red and orange dress. In April I visited the wedding dress department at Harrods. We call this 'learning by experience' in management terms. Let's see what our British horoscopes are promising. Scorpio: 'Apart from having to travel further than usual or fulfil obligations, you should have complete faith in others today. Yet it would be wiser to act alone or take care of responsibilities at home. This is when a major decision is required so don't rush in.' I will and start packing the bags. I will take responsibility for you. Cancer: 'Communicating your feelings is no problem - but don't get carried away or read too much into a situation. It is obvious others are willing to fit you into their plans today - but they are not being totally honest with themselves. Better to be safe than sorry.' A very wise advice. I opened the bottle of 'Veuve Clicquot' with the message "Maison Fondée a Reims en Mil Sept Cent Soixante Douze' and 'By appointment to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II Purveyors of Champagne'. I hope to open a new bottle next week.