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Monday, 4-08-1997
I started with reading The Mirror today on page 6. That Mr Whitaker, he is a dangerous person writing all those confidential stories. Nevertheless it's written now and I give some reactions.

"The once warm friendship between Sarah, Duchess of York, and Diana, Princess of Wales, is dead". That's good. For the time being and I am glad that she is not involved in my plans. You did very well to keep the door closed. She stained your dignity and I would never allow that. It is a very bad article as a matter of fact because the motives are not rational. Besides it is really true that she made references to you in her book for her own benefit. That is unethical. And it is unethical of Mr James Whitaker either to give his personal opinion about that. That's not done. So where are we today, Mr Whitaker? The atmosphere is growing ever more positive and constructive and I am glad that it comes directly or indirectly from Diana. It is good Mr Whitaker that King William's mother is aware of her own position that can not be abused by no one. "Diana is history? Mr Whitaker? I don't believe so. You flew to New York Mr Whitaker to buy there a red and purple dress. Princess Diana has a lot of friends. Specificly in the Netherlands. You know that the door of the Duchess is always open, Mr Whitaker. That's non of your business. "Despite all that has happened to her, the Duchess still has many friends. Diana, as far as I can see, does not." So you have your eyes closed Mr Whitaker, with the dress in your hands. You did not read the story in your own magazine last Thursday.....

That is my reaction that I direct to you Dear Princess, because in that sort of situations We have here the Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst to give information. When I come to live in England I will not allow such a story any longer. Let's go to business.

I went twice to ROTTERDAM today. One is still not aware that I can only communicate with Decision Makers. So I went back and wrote the following letter:

'CONFIDENTIAL. Editor NRC Handelsblad (Mr Postma), Marten Meesweg 35. Postbus 8987, 3009 TH ROTTERDAM. Date: 4 August 1997. Concerns: Request. Dear Editor, Herewith you receive a copy of the first page of the brochure of the Government Game Competition. I am depicted here - in the center of our cabinet - as the founder of the Foundation Cervantes Benelux, permanent owner of the trademark Instituto Cervantes in the Benelux and the Limited Company Instituto Cervantes England and Wales.

I have delegated my authorities as director of last named limited to the Princess of Wales. Herewith you find an advertisement text that I would like to have placed in the edition of next Saturday in your paper. Herewith I request you to be allowed to use the editor's address in Amsterdam as post address. Paleisstraat 1 qualifies the most for that as Princess Diana is directly involved in my plans and I have offered Her a partnership. Besides I have appointed her Queen of Hearts. From 17 till 21 August I find myself in the United Kingdom (Windsor) and I promised Her to come to England with a good negotiating result (did I? No I wrote this to George. But nevertheless I expressed the intention). Of course I have no objections when you will publish about this in good consultation. With pleasure I will explain you the development of my policy plan in a personal conversation and would like to come again - gladly still this week - to ROTTERDAM in order to give you insight in this. For the good order I report you that I will send a translation into English of this letter to KENSINGTON PALACE in my Weekly Report 32.

The text of the advertisement is: 'INSTITUTO CERVANTES, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales is an organisation in the making which tries to promote the interests of Dutch- and English-speaking people with knowledge of Spanish. In order to realise her objectives in due course the following companies have to be operationalized: Cervantes Education & Training B.V., Cervantes Recruitment & Selection B.V., Cervantes Management & Organization B.V., Cervantes Business Consultancy B.V., Cervantes Travels B.V., Cervantes Translation Services B.V., Cervantes Interpret Services B.V., Cervantes Public Relations B.V., Cervantes Communication Services B.V. Therefore We need venture capital of companies, institutions and private persons. If you are interested in participating financially in one or more companies, then you can let it be known in a letter to be addressed to INSTITUTO CERVANTES, Paleisstraat 1, 1012 RB Amsterdam. Afterwards We will get personally into contact with You. Instituto Cervantes is legally deposited as trade mark at Benelux Merkenbureau under depositnumber 843323 in class 41: education, trainings and courses, in the United Kingdom under number 2119738 and is a tradename of the Foundation Cervantes Benelux, registered under number S211928 of the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam. Instituto Cervantes Limited is registered for England and Wales under Company No. 3300636 at Companies House, Cardiff." The advertisement costs about 5,000 guilders. So when I get the consent I have to spend part of the money that I saved to buy you a ring.