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Friday, 1-08-1997
The first anniversary of my imperial mission to England. I will never forget that day on which my heart nearly broke down but I was saved by your people. I think of the historical visit to Canterbury, the protection of your security services and the Royal Air Force. The guidance of a British couple from Calais to Laleham, the campingsite with the orange flag where I was locked in by a red and yellow car from Spain. It was a James Bond-like situation. That produced a lot of stress of course. The day before I had sent four letters to four crown princes and refused to give my keys to someone else but Queen Elizabeth. That was the very new start that you appeared into my life. It would be nice if you could speak with the Lady. She was born in Murmansk U.S.S.R. She has been a teacher. She uses her own business computer equipment. Macintosh as I do. She specialises in banking and finance, industrial and commercial, computing and information technology, legal and general technical texts, operating with English as the source language and Russian as the target language. She is able to travel throughout the United Kingdom and overseas. As interpreter she has experience in conference interpreting of wide ranging discussions between the Local Government International Bureau and Soviet representatives of ministerial rank. She participated in Central Independent Television's presentation of the British Film and Televison Festival in Kiev. She has been contracted to act as sole interpreter for Hewlett-Packard limited during the course of a series of unpublished discussions with high-ranking Russian officials, including senior ministers. In 1992 she was engaged as the Ukrainian ministerial delegation's interpreter at the UK-based conference on Public Employment Service organised under the auspices of the
Department of Employment. She worked on a series of reports by Coopers & Lybrand. It's a good profile that she has.
Perhaps she could be a helping hand in building up the network in England. I have a lot of work to do today and the legal question is still in the hands of the District Court.

I had a conversation with Professor Knol. He will start the negotiations in due course with Mr Jaap van Loon, general manager of ISW (activity of the Wolters-Kluwer Group, established in Geneva). From Inland Revenue I received enclosed letter: "Date: 29 July 1997. Our ref: 240/67551 27448/LW. Dear Sirs, Thank you for your letter dated 25 June 1997. I can confirm that your file has been made dormant and it will be reviewed in due course. Yours faithfully, L Waller." It was indeed a very busy day. The security man called that he can not come. He comes tomorrow. I sent fax messages to Mr Görtemöller and letters to NeBIB, Edelsa, SM, Intertaal and the President of the World Nature Fund. At the moment I have no energy left to translate them. So enclosed you find the copies of the originals.