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Monday, 28-07-1997
I delivered the Business Plan in the post box of Professor Knol around adding the following message:
'Date, 28 July 1997. Concerns: Policy Plan. Dear Mr Knol, In accordance with my promise in my fax message of 27 July 1997 I herewith give you my policy plan in order to study. This plan is the result of five year's developing work. Regarding the State's Security of the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom and the privacy of the persons, companies and institutions named in the plan I request You WITH EMPHASIS to change ideas with me before informing third parties about (parts of) the policy plan. Your thinking along with me is appreciated extraordinarily. With kind regards etc.' Then I took the train to The Hague and had a meeting with Mr E. van de Beek of Speedwell Travels. He confirmed the receipt of my fax message of yesterday and I showed him some confidential papers. It is not clear yet what the time schedule of the journey will be, but I may presume that Tony Blair is already working with my information. Then I went to Scheveningen. First to see the new sauna centre Vitalizee in the Kurhaus, that is going to be opened on next 23 August. I was surveyed by a blue and white helicopter. After a walk along the beach I had a rest at Beach Club Oase. The manager was playing trick-track there. Finally I went to the Carlton Beach Restaurant where last year my Prince's Day had ended. I had a special ritual: eating mussels from Sealand with red and white wine. Then I travelled back and made a note at the backside of Weekly Report 26, that I will send you tomorrow. It contains very personal remarks, but I thought at that moment 'If I do not write that, who else will do it". So please take my remarks as very serious advices. I also read The Sun and I quote some lines: 'Tony Blair is ready to give Government approval to Prince Charles marrying his mistress Camilla Parker Bowles, it emerged last night. But the Premier's blessing will depend on the couple winning the support of the British people - and on the Church of England's attitude to a wedding. A close friend of Mr Blair said: "His instincts tell him that if Charles and Camilla wish to marry, they should be allowed to do so. "But he would be pretty mindful of any Church opposition." As PM, Mr Blair has sweeping powers to "advise" the Queen over the succession. He has made it clear he has no sympathy with Old Labour calls to ditch the Royals for a republic. No 10 troubleshooter Peter Mendelson has had separate talks with Charles 48, Camilla, 50, and Princess Di. He is said to have reassured Charles that Labour regards the Royal Family as a national asset. But last night, Mr Mendelson denied acting as a go-between over the marriage issue. Downing Street and Palace officials stressed that Mr Blair had never discussed the question with the parties concerned, despite several meetings with Charles, and a visit to Chequers by Di, 36, and Prince William, 15. But in private contacts through intermediaries, the Premier has made it clear that in modern world, Labour has no objection to a marriage. It is now likely the issue will be realised for the first time when Mr Blair and wife Cherie stay with the Queen at Balmoral in September.' I have only one explanation: to discuss if Charles and Camilla can remain at Balmoral for ever. As Scotland will get a Parliament in 2002 (the biggest constitutional reform since 1707) it will be good for Scotland to have an own king as well, if he will be accepted. I also read 'Princess Diana yesterday flew home from a secret weekend away - in a Harrods chopper. Di, 36, jumped out of the distinctive green and white helicopter after it touched down at KENSINGTON PALACE. The Princess was condemned this month for taking sons Wills, 15, and Harry 12, to St Tropez with controversial Harrods boss Mohammed Al Fayed, 64. Harrods refused to say if the Princess had spent the weekend with Mr Al Fayed." This is a very big step ahead. It is the first time that you have been able to make an official secret journey. Congratulations. I think I have to rely on your Prime Minister now. Because I like him.