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Sunday, 27-07-1997
I took the warning of the astrologer very seriously and left Utrecht this weekend. I just come back from Lucaya. I had a conversation with the Owner Director and told him my experiences of last week. Inmediately they plaid 'Por el amor de una mujer' of Julio Iglesias. He and his Dutch girlfriend Miranda Rijnsburger now can also have a quiet night's rest. Last week the persons who had planned to kill King Juan Carlos last year on Mallorca got 37 years of imprisonment. I have a similar position here in the Benelux. So it is very hard to work with concentration on the execution of my plans, knowing that any moment a criminal lunatic can shoot me down. Therefore I need a safer place and I request you to give me a room at KP to sleep and work, to give me the occasion to do my work properly and feeling safe. For the good order you herewith also find copy of my fax message to Mrs Sorgdrager of last Tuesday and the article 'Moordenaar Versace was op feestje van zijn slachtoffer' (Murderer Versace was on party of his victim). I also read in the book of Hubbard. I am not a preclear. I have always been clear because I am not a reactive person. Nevertheless I will visit them tomorrow to have contact. At Lucaya I got key A8 and a purple towel covered the hooks 6 and 7. So I will reserve 6 till 8 august for something special. I also send you herewith a photograph of Sri Kalimamba Swani. She is known on Indian television.

20.20 I recieved the following fax message from Professor Knol:

'Concerns: fax 24/7/97
Dear Mr Van der Heyden,
In the past I experienced fusions several times and in my function as commissionar sometimes had to preside on a certain extend. This concerned particularly chances and possibilities in the world of building industry and education. Imagine that another company will be found that eventually is interested in starting a partnership. But before this company will make an amount amongst others the following questions will be asked:

a. has the fusion partner securities
b. are there serious and 100% debtors and creditors who in fact turn up on the doorstep
c. is there a students file and is this file still in operation
d. is there also a courses file; to whom belongs the intellectual property and is the course still up to date
e. has the fusion partner experience in management and in which way can the fusion partner give information about the past
f. Is there a chance that a return of 15 - 20% can be made and who gets the risk?

Shortly, the fact that Your institute has a worldwide name will lay little weight in the scale. So will Elsevier primarily want certainties and not just like that want to lead a complete management of the new enterprise without getting the fusion partner next to it. Or said another way: what can you offer when a company comes that wants something to do on the Spanish speaking market? Something substantial and thus more than a name and some more or less important persons. Look here something of my helping thoughts. With kind regards." So that process also has been started. I answered as follows; 'Dear Mr Knol, Thank you very much for your fax message of tonight. I would like to give you an answer to your questions:

a. I have appointed a fusion partner in the United Kingdom. This one has certainties. I am however still expecting an acceptance of this appointment.
b. There is a policy plan that is deposited at the governments of the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. There are no debtors nor creditors. I myself am the only creditor as a result of the development costs until now. There is although a potential customer on the doorstep. A very big enterprise. Also a great banking company with strong expansion drifts belongs to my relation circles. The potential market is gigantic. At my dismissal at de Baak in 1991 I have stipulated to use their relation network. The management agreed with that and we have divided the market and we are still working together.
c. There is no students file. This to avoid misunderstanding as ever has been risen in the past.
d. Concerning this question it is significant that I give you my Business Plan to study. The trainings will be particularly function oriented and therefore there will have to be invested also in developmental costs, which can be presented on the balance as item to be written off and calculated in the cost price. In principle there will not be made use of existing course material. If so the intellectual property of course belongs to the editor.
e. I would rather speak about 'aimed fusion partner'. This one has in own relation circles extremely good experience in management. Concerning information about the past I can not give information. I herewith present this question.
f. A return of 15 - 20% is possible. A careful analysis of costs and incomes and establishing of the cost price must make that possible.

Concerning your last question I will give you my Business Plan. I herewith request you to exercise the highest possible discretion. For the good order I report you that I will send a translation into English of your fax message and this reaction to my aimed British collaboration partner. With kind regards etc."