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Friday, 25-07-1997
I hope you will think of me this evening and perhaps it would be worthwhile to communicate by computer in the future. In fact I consider myself married with you already writing all my ideas to you every day in the computer. We call it 'marrying with the handshoe': being dedicated without having the occasion to see each other. I read that Cunanan made an end to his life yesterday in Miami. I am still convinced that I saw him here last Monday. Last Tuesday he was hunted here by the police. I suppose because there was an increased police activity in the red quarter where he might have been hiding. I still see that face before me. And I have a very good memory for faces. Also when they wear a wig. And he did. He also wore a red and purple bikini, covered by a transparent fabric and he went on high-heeled shoes. His face was made up with red and purple make up. I think he returned right away last Tuesday to Miami and killed himself after having been chased. If you might have spoken about me with Mr Versace I might have been his next target on his deadlist and planes fly very rapidly from one part of the world to the other, as you know. It's bizar. But that problem has been solved and I can go on fortunately without feeling threatened. So here we go.

Yesterday I sent the following fax message to Mrs Van Putten: 'Dear Mrs Van Putten, Thank you very much for your visit last Monday 21 July. For the good order I herewith send you some points out of our conversation. At the moment I am legally and formally definitive owner of the trade mark 'Instituto Cervantes' in the Benelux and also of the Limited Liability Company with the same name in England and Wales. Within a short term the following companies have to be started up:

1. Instituto Cervantes Holding Ltd
2. Cervantes Opleiding & Training B.V. (Education & Training)
3. Cervantes Werving & Selectie B.V. (Recruitment & Selection)
4. Cervantes Management & Organisatie B.V. (Management & Organization)
5. Cervantes Bedrijfsadviezen B.V. (Business Consultancy)
6. Cervantes Reizen B.V. (Travels)
7. Cervantes Vertaalservice B.V. (Translation Services)
8. Cervantes Tolkenservice B.V. (Interpret Services)
9. Cervantes Public Relations B.V. (Public Relations)
10. Cervantes Communicatie B.V. (Communication Services)

We spoke specificly about Company number 3 Cervantes Recruitment & Selection, to start with a temping agency at Amsterdam Airport. Mr R.L. de Jong is looking for a group of participants for capital investment and management. I permit you to get into contact with him. That concerns also the Manager Business Development of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and my old-colleague Drs. E.H. Halbertsma, Director Management Centre VNO-NCW. To inform you I also let you know that these days I had some short conversations with Professor Dr J.G. Knol. I worked some years together with Mr Knol as member of the board of the Association of institutes for Private Education (VBMO), an umbrella organization for recognized private educational institutions. Regarding the exploitation of Company 2 Cervantes Education & Training according to our opinion the company Reed Elsevier will be the most eligible. We have the joint opinion that they have to invest a couple of millions in the company.

I have no objections if they want to take over the complete management against the payment of a fixed fee for the use of the name and a part of the profit to the Holding Company. Regarding the spectacular developments on the stock markets now is THE moment to invest in my company. Added I agreed with Amsterdam Airport that Cervantes Education & Training in principle will be going to train the Spanish oriented personnal of Schiphol (job oriented). The management of the airport disposes of a budget of 5 percent of the turnover for education and training of their personnal. Regarding the start up of Instituto Cervantes Holding Ltd as Dutch-British family company I requested the president of VNO-NCW, Mr Hans Blankert, to bring me into contact with a number of companies that would be able to sponsor, c.q. guarantee the financing of that activity. Of this I report to my aimed partner. For the good order I report you that I will also give her a translation of this fax message'. Now We have to see results. If not, I propose myself to place an advertisement in NRC Handelsblad next week in order to attract investors for the companies 2 till 10.

In the fitness centre I met a nice boy from Australia (Melbourne). On 21 July I sent a letter to the Client's Service of the Dutch Railways, with the following text: 'NS Klantenservice, Afdeling abonnementen, Antwoordnummer 9033, 3500 ZA UTRECHT. Date: 21 July 1997. Concerns: Advantage hours card. I announce that last Saturday 19 July my wallet has been stolen by criminals on the Oudegracht in Utrecht. Beings who can not leave their fingers from possessions of other people are criminal as a definition. My wallet contained also a 'Voordeel-urenkaart' with starting date 16.05.97. The card was requested at Station Nijmegen Dukenburg under code 475.21 under request number 00726017. As passport photograph you may cut out my image of enclosed photocopy, where I stand together with my supporters: the man in the middle, with his arms crossed. etc. etc.'

Today I received letter from them with the following message: 'Utrecht, 23 July 1997. Dear Mr van der Heijden, You requested us a duplicate of a 'Voordeel-urenkaart'. To our regret we can not grant your request, as you are not registered in our system as a holder of a Voordeel-urenkaart. Probably you had a Rail-actief card in your possession and for those cards unfortunately no duplicates will be given. etc. etc'" So I checked that and noted that another person was registered in the system under number 726017, living in Helmond. So I had to arrange that and send a letter today:

'NS Klantenservice, Afdeling abonnementen, Attention Mr Maarten van der Heijden, Antwoordnummer 9033, 3500 ZA Utrecht. Date: 25 July 1997. Concerns: Voordeel-urenkaart. With reference to my letter of 21 July and our telephone call of this afternoon you receive enclosed renewed the 'Aanvraag Voordeel-urenkaart' and a copy of my receipt of 16.05.97. The passport photo happens to have become a coloured photograph. That also went well the last time. I look a little sour, but I may presume that you understand the cause. Criminals who follow me as a rule commit suicide afterwards. This is to let Utrecht know. etc etc."

I read page 1-5 of The Mirror and 4 and 5 of The Sun. I quote some lines and give my reactions. "The drama erupted at 3.58pm local time on Wednesday when a caretaker told police he had been fired on by a man fitting Cunanan's description". That was at 22.58 Dutch time. 36 hours after my fax message to Mrs Sorgdrager. 35 hours after I saw and heard the increased police activity in the nearby prostitute quarter.

"No one can be happy that it ended with so many individuals dead around the country", said Mayco Villafana, spokesman for the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau. "It certainly is a tragedy and I think everyone can feel relieved that law enforcement was able to find him". I ask myself when I will be rewarded at last. "Married a Spanish woman he met in a San Diego bar three years ago and had a child with her. Close friend Georgi Kalamaras said yesterday: "Andrew married this girl just to help her get a green card to stay in the US. But he fell in love with her." This is again an indication that I was his last target because there are some Spaniards who do not like it that I use the name of their national heroe. "Within days the penniless gigolo was admitting to friends that he was working the notorios street corners near the transvestite prostitutes hangout on Santa Monica Boulevard and La Brea". I met him in a similar surrounding. "America was celebrating last night after the mad serial killer who gunned down gay fashion legend Gianni Versace blew his own brains out. And Miami's Beach's mayor Seymour Gelber declared: "Thank God the nightmare is over." The relieved mayor added: "For the first time people can rest easy in their beds at night. This madman is off the streets". Miami's police chief Richard Barreto said: "His reign of terror is over". "Male prostitute Cunanan, 27, had been the target of a massive manhunt since Versace's murder. A police source said: "The caretaker saw a stranger wearing a red bandana on his head". You know what this means Diana. I see his photograph and I am positive. I have a photographic memory and recognize persons at once. A flight from Amsterdam Airport to Miami lasts 10 till 12 hours. I do not believe that he has been hidden on the houseboat the whole time after his last murder. My theory is that he has tried to find help by Dutch criminal organizations and he thought he would be safe in the Netherlands. But all Dutch criminals are in prison at the moment. After he was chased by the Utrecht police on Tuesday 11.00 am he returned to Miami and realized that his game was over. This afternoon I also called my friend the Kingmaker. Next week he has to fly to Memphis, Tennessee. I told him that after next visit to England I like to make such a flight as well: to New York and Washington. Indeed, the rest is assured. The madman is dead. But We have to go on to build the bridge towards each other. I am going to visit a Spanish restaurant. Back from Casa Sanchez. First a man from India, living in Amsterdam, offered me four red and three white roses. So it's FOUR TO THREE now Love. Then I had a confidential conversation with a Jewish boy called Raphaël and living at the Oudegracht here. On my way back home an English singer sang We Can Work it Out and said to me 'It's a very good year for the roses, Sir'. I still have to admit one thing. I find it very courageaus of you to go to Milan this week. The two white roses represent England and Wales. I wonder what the third one means. Ireland (Heitherland) I suppose. I think they have to solve that problem amongst each other to make it a peaceful island.

I think I have to inform the organization of Speedwell Travels about my intentions in England. I don't think that a struggle for power is necessary, just making good arrangements. Regarding the new circuit I am thinking about the friends of John Travolta in Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex RH19 4JY. I propose myself to go to Amsterdam again next week. I am not provoking a struggle for power but moreover reparting the papers and delegate responsibilities. This morning I received a letter of 24 July on behalf of Prince Filip of Belgium with the message: 'His Royal Highness Prince Filip orders me to report You the good receipt of your letter of last 18 July. Regarding your request to pay a visit to the Prince during your trip in BRUSSELS I regret having to communicate that the Prince can not get into that. With sincere high esteem, Colonel SBH Joseph VAN DEN PUT, Advisor of Prince Filip'. I reacted as follows: 'Date: 26 July 1997. Concerns: Confirmation of receipt. Very esteemed Mr Van den Put, With thanks I received Your letter of last 24 July. You report in this letter that the Prince can not get into my request to pay a visit to Him during my trip in BRUSSELS. I report You however that today I sent my Policy Plan 'Instituto Cervantes Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales' to Your Prime Minister for the benefit of the completion of a Belgian paragraph. Next I will make an appointment with the European Minister of Education. I cling strongly to request You to transmit my gratitude to Prince Filip for the attention that He has paid to my letters. etc." And I sent the Business Plan (in Dutch) to Mr J.L. Dehaene, Wetstraat 16, B 1000 BRUSSELS with next letter: 'Date: 26 July 1997 Concerns: Policy Plan Very esteemed Mr Dehaene, In accordance with my promise to our Prime Minister I have the honour to send You enclosed my policy plan 'Instituto Cervantes Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales'. The final objective of the plan is to help Dutch speaking and English speaking people with a Spanish speaking background getting a job on a structural and ethical basis. I have different good Belgian friends, with whom we have a reunion regularly in Han-sûr-Lesse in order to exchange educational ideas. I would like to see out of this group a contribution to the completion of a Belgian paragraph in this policy plan. If You might have any questions about this, then I am pleased and willing to come to BRUSSELS to exchange ideas. I will also get into contact with the European Minister of Education in order to have financed (parts of) the plan by the European Commission. I hope that I can count on Your indispensable support. etc."

Regarding this message I had also contact with the 'Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst' (Netherlands Government Information Office) in The Hague and I also noticed that my trip to Britain has not been paid yet. Therefore I sent next fax message to Speedwell Reisbureaux:

'Dear Mr/Mrs van de Beek,
This morning I received the current account statements of my giro. To my alarm I noticed that my payment of 1,262.80 guilders has not been handled. I will personally come to pay you next Monday. I would like to use this occasion to thank your organization for the unforgettable Prince's Day in September last year. I made a nice report of it. Now I also hope to have an English Queen's Day. With kind regards. etc."