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Wednesday, 23-07-1997
I am not your boss because you are the First Lady, but I will go and look for possibilities to sponsor my plans. I think in the first place of the Dutch employers' organization. I will write a letter today to my number one on the coast. Element is the office of Peter. Once I promised her a purple bikini, but she did not react. I will send her a reminder today. I told that already to some girls in Cromwell Street who sold your photographs. 'Let's see if it's mutual', I told them. So I propose to meet you at KENSINGTON PALACE between 17 and 22 August. I think We need some time to talk things over. Of course I have to visit Tony Blair as well. Meanwhile I will improve my skills in Dianetics. On the roof of my house perhaps. Then I can be observed by a satellite, AWAC, helicopter or another overflying green dragon from APELDOORN.
At the heart fitness they played Mysterious Girl I want to be close to you and high-spirited Spanish music. I found a little bottle from Hotel Emperador in Madrid with a crown. This must have a special meaning.

I sent the two letters to Elizabeth and Mr Blankert. I tried to fax the following text to the Editor of The Mirror: 'Dear Editor, In addition to my fax message of yesterday I depict you the future situation of the United Kingdom as from now. As soon as H.R.M. Queen Elizabeth will be obliged to hand over Her duties I will be your King as the legal owner of the trade mark Instituto Cervantes in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg and the Limited Company Instituto Cervantes England and Wales. Herewith you find my position in the Netherlands.

As we have a good queen already here I will come to England as soon as there will be a vacancy. I will appoint the Princess of Wales to be my Queen in England and Wales. The Prince of Wales will be King of Scotland as soon as the Scottish Parliament has been established. Your Royal correspondent, Mr. James Whitaker is already aware of this vision since he bought the Red and Purple dress in New York. In my vision Red and Purple is my Perfect Combination and Mr Whitaker knows that he bought My Lady's favourite dress. Since I broke up my marriage on 22 April 1992 I have a five year's experience in ruling Europe. So I consider myself as the Perfect Solution for your Constitutional Problem. I celebrated that issue five years later during the Changing of the Guard on last 22 APRIL before BUCKINGHAM PALACE. BUCKINGHAM PALACE can surely inform you about that. Besides my experience of five year's ruling I also speak six languages: Dutch, Spanish, English, French, Italian and German and My Core Business is Education. Please give My regards to My Royal Highness and to your Prime Minister. Yours Sincerely, INSTITUTO CERVANTES, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales, J.L. Van der Heyden, Manager Benelux, Added: 'Paars vol lof over Kok en Van Mierlo'. You can get copy of the original of this photograph at the Editor of NRC Handelsblad, Paleisstraat 1, Box 3372, 1001 AD Amsterdam, tel. 00 31 10 406 61 11, fax 00 31 20 625 49 36. By the way: I never committed adultery and I am not gay. In closing I can communicate that the Family Van der Heyden is the oldest noble family in European History."

The message was not accepted yet. Perhaps this is good, because I visited the 'Stadsschouwburg' (Town Theatre) this afternoon to announce my plans for 26 September. The Theatre is very often visited incognito by members of Our Royal Family and they get a special treatment. In the same way you will be welcome as weel, together with your bodyguard. I read page 1, 4 and 5 of The Sun and I realize what the Dutch astrologer meant. I note that you sang the song

The Lord is My Shepherd in the cathedral of Milan, that I know very well. I also see a new light: Harry cycling through the Kensington Gardens yesterday. Not far from your apartment. I am so happy for you Diana. I end with the British horoscope of today. It reminds me of the day 19 October 1990 and the theme 'Noses in the Wind'.