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Wednesday, 9-07-1997
The persons that I involved in the Netherlands now are Bo-rent, OE, YP, RD, PJ and EH. To settle things clear I herewith give you the translation of the letters that I sent them recently:

"Management BO-RENT SUCCESSFUL PARTY, Anodeweg 2, 1627 LG HOORN. Concerns: Your documentation, Reference: ICNBL/Bo-rent970626, Utrecht, 30 June 1997 (that date is a mistake, must be 26 June). Dear Director. I would like to thank you for the sending of your newest, extended catalogues and your letter of 25 June 1997. In principle I noted a Party in my agenda on next 28 September in APELDOORN. Herewith you receive a photograph of my aimed partner. I appointed Her already Head of my organization. There still important decisions have to be made on the supreme level, but I do not underestimate my chances regarding enclosed photograph on which I am pictured on the stairs of Palace ten Bosch.

I will send a sample of your catalogues to KENSINGTON PALACE on occasion of Her birthday. Hoping having informed you sufficiently for the time being I request you to note the date of 28 september 1997 in your agenda, etc. etc.

I already mentionned the text of my letter to YP in my report of 27-06-1997. I sent that letter on 28 June and give you additional information: Mr Peter OTTENHOFF HOUTEN, Date: 28 June 1997. Concerns: Plus Ultra. Reference: PJ/YP970628. My request to him: to get in contact with Bo Party. I already informed you about my letter to the Head of the Public Relations Department of Paleis Het Loo on 30 June. I request Mr OTTENHOFF to maintain that contact as well in my letter of 3 July 1997, Concerning: Diana Project with the following contents: "Dear Peter, With pleasure I like to inform you about the developments regarding my new family company. I have understood that you have not the occasion to visit me and that is not a problem. Written communication is probably clearer and prevents communication disturbances. On the first place I inform you about my daily routines. In the morning I start with reading De Telegraaf and read my instructions in the horoscope, which I execute then. On 'Hoog Catharijne' I look through 'The Sun' or 'The Mirror' to see if information is provided. Then I have - every day - cardio fitness on the Oude Gracht, opposite the Spanish Restaurant 'El Loco'. A nice place to have dinner again together some day. The afternoon and the evening are for routine activities, such as 'a walk around the block from the Neude to the Domplein and a visit to a Spanish restaurant'. Then every wednesday evenening I participate in an excursion through Utrecht, organized by Het Gilde.

My agenda for the coming three months is as follows:
12 till 14 July: Residence at 'Het Stadhouderlijk Hof' in Leeuwarden.
14 July: Engagement.
15 August: Conversation with a potential director for The Business in the Benelux.
17 till 21 August: Residence in
England: Holiday Inn Hotel Windsor/Maidenhead.

I hope to remain afterwards at KP to establish further engagements.

3 September: Sightseeing 'Sparrenheuvel' on 3 Driebergseweg in ZEIST, where I wish to have established the organization as from 1 August 1998: All concerned parties under one roof. My information position regarding this issue is Dirk Tuin in Enschede. Known to you.

17 September: Seminar about Corporate Governance in NOORDWIJK
24 September: Idem
27 September:
Congress Spanish in Utrecht. Herefore I will probably be represented.
28 September:
Marriage on Paleis Het Loo.

After that 'Di and I' will be expected in the United States. Regarding my relationship with the Princess of Wales I can report you the following. At my dismissal in 1991 at de Baak I stipulated for the right to make use of their complete network. The management agreed with that and stipulated for the right to remain involved in my further choice process. I agreed with that. In the programme 96/97 de Baak introduced a project 'Diana: execution of educational policy' (page 68). Herewith I got at work and decided to involve the Princess of Wales directly with my plans. Within this developing process I provided myself of course a steering role. Since November last year I consider myself more or less as her personal adviser. I do this exclusively in written letters and it is remarkable that I see that she follows up all my advices. So I advised her in November not to maintain contact with the Duchess of York. She followed up that advice excellently. In the meantime I also establish that she found someone who has the same appearance as I have after I had written to her "Once I Would Di For You, But Now I Want To Live Love". Now I also reported her that she can not go on for ever with a "surrogate", particularly now that it appears that purple and red is her favourite colours combination. Therefore I reserved Paleis Het Loo already for 28 September in principle and the collaboration works excellently.

I count on you that you will grant your collaboration to this friend's service. Therefore I look at our horoscopes. Scorpio: 'The coming weeks your attention will be drawn by a new project. A problem that had been risen between you and a colleague you will solve to the relieve of both. Married couples have happy times'. That new project is the Diana Project. With you I have no problem, or it must have been my fax message to the State's Secretary of Justice. But with that I only made an end to some misunderstandings that perhaps were still remaining from the past. Meanwhile I have build up a good relationship with Justice, as you see. Specificly with the Sector Governmental Right of the District Court here, where I deposited my request for the title Earl of Warwick. The British Royal Family is not very happy with my actions since I wrote them a letter with the signature 'Johannes Van der Heyden, Prince of Europe'. In the meantime I also gave Her Royal Title back to The Princess of Wales on occasion of her birthday last Tuesday. It is good that she stays away a while from Fergie until after the wedding. Because Lady Ferguson started to go on search for a new partner inmediately after My Lady's Divorce. Although My Lady is working for Her Quixotic Quest since April 1992 already. After 28 September we will see when the Duchess of York may get into the picture again. There will be a lot of functions to divide in our new Family Company. Therefore I see a beautiful task for you reserved. Contact at Paleis Het Loo is mr Paul Rhem, Head Public Relations. With emphasis I advise you to draw one line considering this matter with Liesbeth Halbertsma. I inform also her about the developments. I have no objections when she provides you copies of the letters that I send her or fax them to you. The communication about this occurence requires the utmost carefulness. I see that that goes very well, specificly after having noticed some sunflowers in the shopwindow of Vedior - here next to my house - with yellow and blue sunglasses. Those blue glasses were offered to me.

So I have learned to look through blue glasses again. But this colour is much more beautiful than the one of the past. There are still some financiers necessary and a scenario. But I may presume that that is to be trusted to you and Liesbeth. I Count on Both of You. With kind regards. Also on behalf of My Partner, INSTITUTO CERVANTES Nederland, België, Luxemburg, Engeland en Wales., John/Diana o.m.r. (on my responsibility)."

I will also give you the translation of letter PJ/EH970703 that I sent on 4 July. "Mevrouw L. Heeringa-Tholen AMSTERDAM. Date 3 July (must be 4 July) 1997, Concerns: New Project, Reference: PJ/EH970703. Dear Eleanore. With a lot of pleasure I herewith send you a souvenir of our pleasant gathering in Nijmegen on last 29 February (That must be January of course. I see I make a lot of mistakes at the moment. What would be the reason for that?). I write you this letter to inform about my new project that as from now can be indicated with Diana Project. This Project has to be finished on next 28 September, after which the Family Company can make a start. Although this morning my attention was drawn by an American gentleman with a purple towel to a photograph in the hands of his partner, representing a man and a woman strongly tightened together with ropes provided with bars of dynamite, I have the opinion that that deadline has to be reached. Last Sunday I visited APELDOORN and established that 'Purple' and 'Red' is beginning to dominate pretty well already in Palace Het Loo. On last 20 June I visited again the Congres 'The New Economy' on de Baak and spend the weekend in the Hotel as a Lord and dined in Huis ter Duin. It was a pleasure to see our Colleague again. She happened to appear the Vesuvius, but I still love her a little, as a matter of fact. But she is not the only one. My new 'Number One' lives on the other side and in the meantime I chose for All my Life and communicated this to Her. It was not possible to remain for ever in the United Kingdom from 1 April already because there are still some 'Domestic Problems to Solve'. In the meantime I did appoint Her 'Head of My Organization' and enclosed you also find a picture of her favourite dress and a photograph of "The Only Number One on The Neude, The Most Powerful Place of the Monopoly Game" (AD of Today). All in one there has to be worked hard to get things done and I do hope to count on your collaboration. Finally you and Elizabeth are on the basis of my plan. Fortunately E. and I are still on the same track and I requested her collaboration for the organization of "The Wedding". I trust on the fact that the management of de Baak grants her collaboration on this. Be it only because of the positive PR effect that it will produce to the Management Centre VNO-NCW. Also from those circles financiers must have to be found as well in the circles around the Government Game Competition from which brochure enclosed photograph 'Paars vol lof over Kok en Van Mierlo' is originating. I would appreciate if you as Amsterdam citizen would warm up this contact: MCC Nederland B.V., Burgemeester Stramanweg 101, 1101 AA AMSTERDAM. My contact there is Mrs Suzan Polet. I appreciate if you would come by again. Preferently within the shortest possible term. From Amsterdam to Utrecht is only half an hour and I live within a stone's throw distance from the Central Station. So the coffee is ready already." On 5 July I sent the following letter to Mr and Mrs Tristem: Greetings. Yesterday I sent the following message to Elizabeth: "Date: 8 July 1997, Concerns: Compliment, Reference: PJ/OE970708. Dear Liesbeth, I start again with an analysis of the horoscope of today. Virgo: 'An excellent day to have important telephone calls and study seriously. Partners are on the same wavelength and agree about joint plans. You receive an unexpected compliment.' To start with the last item that compliment you receive from me. Enclosed you find a photocopy of two photographs that I made in the weekend of 20 June in NOORDWIJK. You receive my compliment on the first place for the beautiful flower arrangements that I descried in de Baak. A beautiful piece with purple flowers and a piece with orange larded with a bit of yellow.

A nice support for Purple and Red. The partners are OE, YP, RD and PJ. Meanwhile I also introduced Eleanore with the request to warm up the contacts with MCC Nederland. I advised YP with emphasis to draw one line with you. Scorpio: 'At home you want to settle some things, but you have also a lot of apetite to go out and do something nice. Do the second when the sun shines and both when it rains. You don't have to work so hard every day'. Sweet of you. I heard saying you something like that another time before. However I did not manage to do so. Except regarding the fitness. On my way I saw someone who during the Congress had directed himself towards me with the story about the 'bad guys' and the 'good guys'. I recognized him too late however to direct myself to him. Enclosed you find as well the original of the declaration that I faxed last Saturday. That saves another session of the court. Justice has had enough attention now. It is getting time to start enterprising again. With kind regards, John (II) Van der Heyden". My horoscope of today. Scorpio: 'To all problems of the past time seems to come an end, so enjoy it. Other people also notice that you are in a positive mood. Tonight in the familiar circle some festivity might be to celebrate.' I hope so. I will have an excursion along the statues of the town. This morning I was welcomed at the fitness centre with the sound of Big Ben. Your name was mentionned in connection with some strange people and I met a young woman there. She greeted me friendly and she wore a purple towel. I took my red one of course and we started the 'steps' together. She with the purple towel and me with the red one. I realized that for the first time red and purple were working together. Side by side. And realizing that my heart rate suddenly went from 140 to 160 within a split second! So I have to look out. But the start has been made. Then I was visited by Mark. I showed him with pride your photograph of Stratford. His reaction: 'I don't think she is beautiful'. But he has only Lady Caroline in mind of course. Next 14 July he goes for 14 days to Norway. This afternoon my attention was caught by an orange sweatshirt with the lettering 'New York 1997' in a shop nearby. I ordered to make one for me. After that I went back to discuss a new original idea. 17.50 I read in De Yelegraaf that ING Bank purchased the American Insurance Company 'Equitable' for 4,3 Billion Guilders and that on the Amsterdam Stock yesterday enthousiasticly had been reacted on the mega purchase: ING rose Hfl 6,30 to Hfl 101.90. In the headquarters of ING the course explosion was followed by excited members of the personnal. The course rate of Equitable rose yesterday in New York with circa 15 per cent, with $ 8 3/8 to $ 65 3/4. I think I have to get into contact with Mr Van Nimwegen in order to finance our wedding. 18.35 I read some newspapers. NRC 7/7 'KLM becomes complete owner of Air UK'. T 8/7 'Members of the Royal House almost all abroad - The only stay behind is Princess Margriet, who has been cast away to guard the 'Fortress of Orange'. Mr Pieter van Vollenhoven enjoys together with his sons and prince Willem-Alexander and some friends a diving holidays on the Maldives'. T8/7 'Camilla feels neglected'. NRC 8/7 'Oranjeman is British in good and bad times'. NRC 8/7 'ING offers more than 4 billion for Insurance Company US', 'Cap Gemini books very good half year's result'. T9/7 'Course explotion at ING'. It's getting time that We will be rewarded.