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I wrote a letter with following message to the Head Public Relations of the Royal Palace Het Loo:
"Concerns: Reservation, Utrecht, 30 June 1997, Dear Mister Rhem, It has been a long time ago already that we have spoken. During the National Education Exposition in Utrecht. It was a short but extraordinary pleasant conversation. In the meantime my activities have been expanded to England and Wales. At least the legal framework therefore has been created now. There I also have come into contact - although indirectly - with a new collaboration partner and proposed to Her to contract matrimony with me on next 28 September in the Anglican Chapel of Palace Het Loo. I did not receive an official yes yet, but I am hopefully encouraged judging by the positive signals that I have received in the past period as shown by enclosed photocopy (GG). Therefore I request you to commit the chapel in principle for Sunday 28 September as well as some other rooms of the Palace. I also would like to receive your documentation with quotations, so that I also can send these to My Lady. Thanking you in advance and friendly greetings."