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Tuesday, 20-05-1997
The removal to Utrecht is definitive for the time being. I saw the magazine
Party Nr. 21 that mentions your correspondence with Miss Emily Bremers. This is perfect. Yesterday I announced in the coffeeroom of the Church of the Holy Land Foundation, Emily's former parish, that I had proposed to you in a written letter. Emily can play an important role, also because of her contacts with Princess Margriet in APELDOORN. I notice on the cover of Party that you are wearing a black coat, just like I did on 22 April before BUCKINGHAM PALACE. But you are looking worried. Too worried as a matter of fact. I hope to be able to cheer you up again in the future. So let us make it a real party in September! I also read the article on page 17 with the title 'Dear Diana, help me!' and I fully agree. Letter to Mr Rabou. Again a pen with purple ink is mysteriously missing. I reported it in person at the nearby police office. Also my new address and new contacts. Security First! Called by Mr Jeroen Gijsberts of the Government Game. I promised to remain in touch after the removal. Visit to tennis court and Studio Louise fitness club in Earls Court Gym sweatshirt. She is a very good aerobic trainer. I decided to go on on low profile basis from now on for the time being. The article in Party is very significant. It shows your need to be protected by an army of security officers. In my position I think I will be more vulnerable than you are. Next week I have to send my adress change to all relations I sent to the editor of Source some time ago. In that situation a place in a Royal Palace would be more suitable to me than an appartment in the centre of Utrecht. I hope I can rely on the security measures to be taken by everyone involved.