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Thursday, 6-03-1997
Next Tuesday I will be again in the orange palace of my Queen of the Coast within the scope of Strategical Perspective 2000. I have been worried about her health and I still do. The astrologer gives her the right advice. She was my Dulcinea once but I will not be her new love. I chose for the London Lighthouse on 8 October and will stick to it now. This may indicate that he is going to reorganize his company and take up my suggestion to bring it in into Instituto Cervantes Benelux. He can be assisted by George who knows everything about integration of companies. I discussed this possibility with him last week. When I think about a Business Partner I have you in mind, whatever the 'business' may be. The creative project will be the Marlborough Project. The Cervantes Project is becoming artistic as well. Yesterday I involved an artist in the Cervantes Project in a letter. Of course I need the support of an influential person. I still have a letter on the wall with the text (in Dutch) of 24-01-1996:

'Very estimated Sir Van der Heyden,
On behalf of His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange I express to You cordial gratitude for Your letter of last January 14. The Prince has taken notice with much appreciation of the Foundation Cervantes Benelux of which you are the founder. With feelings of the most highest esteem, (J.W. Leeuwenburg). Private Secretary of His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange'.

I will prepare a letter to Prince Willem Alexander this weekend to request His support. I was positively surprised by a Scottish Lady in the shopping center wearing a Scottish kilt and head. Took notice of the article on page 19 of the Mirror about Miss Sylvia McDermott and the reduction of more than 20 staff members. A familiar reorganization process. Sent a birthday card and a letter for the benefit of a publication. George called. He is working very seriously on the matter. I also received a very warm letter of Jacqueline Oskamp of De Groene Amsterdammer with the following message.

J.L. van der Heyden
Instituto Cervantes Benelux

Amsterdam, 5 march 1997

Dear Mr. Van der Heyden

Thank you very much for your warm compliments as a result of the small Don Quijote special in the Groene Amsterdammer. Don Quijote is indeed a magnificent subject. A book that one can carry the whole life, just like you describe. That's why I'm looking forward to the translation of Barber van der Pol, that seems to be very good. With pleasure I read your travel report. Unfortunately I had only a few days to travel around in La Mancha. I see that you travelled around on your ease. My excuses that you get only a reaction on your letter so late. For the four of us counts that we are very busy and the maintenance of correspondence goes by the wayside soon. For that reason unfortunately I have to refuse your friendly offer to talk an evening about Don Quijote. Nevertheless I want to thank you sincerely for your attention and wish you an inspiring time, because without any doubt much about Don Quijote will be published and broadcasted on occasion of the new translation. Much success with all your occupations and a friendly greeting, also on behalf of Barber van der Pol, René Zwaap and Yves van Kempen.'

I am very glad and proud with this letter. I also received enclosed newsletter about the rebuilding of the Valkhof Castle. This will be the place that I intend to visit with you in 2000 if you like. The English horoscope. Scorpio: 'The balloon is about to go up domestically as things reach an emotional head and there's no hiding place for you to avoid a family or home issue any longer. It's best to lay your cards on the table today otherwise someone else might do it less politely!' I did. I sent the whole story to Robert Rubinstein for publishing purposes. 'Someone else' may be the Spanish Prime Minister. The NRC article 'Spaans feestje na één jaar Aznar kent vele spelbrekers' tells: 'During extensively by the state television broadcasted meetings the Prime Minister declared to sit strongly in the saddle'. I hope he will recognize whom was his first supporter to reach that goal. With Great-Britain there seems to be some problems about Gibraltar. Instituto Cervantes England and Wales will have a nice job to do there. The cabinet of Mr Aznar is compared with don Quijote. I think he's got the message now! Cancer: 'Talking or tackling sensitive issues such as your sex life might leave you embarrassed but the stars say you will be surprised at how easy it will be to sort out intimate and private problems. Just throw yourself into anything, no matter how shy you are.' In this context I think of the *****film Emma. The story of Jane Austen. A magnificent film dealing about the true feelings of an English lady and a Knight(ley). I saw that film some weeks ago. Wonderful!