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Sunday, 2-03-1997
Study of Venture Capital Guide. Birthday celebration of my father (80). Listen to the music of Martin Guerre that we visited the second of August in the Prince Edward Theatre in London. I am back again! I think of St. George's Chapel next week. One day I will return to Your Land. This morning I saw a programme on BBC1 regarding the new European currency 'Euro'. It was admitted that we are standing before a new European situation that can only be compared with the times of Charlemagne. I think it is not a coincidence that I met Mr. Boshouwers last Sunday. I play the Music for the
Changing of the Guard at BUCKINGHAM PALACE 'Royal Review' by the The Band of the Grenadeer Guards. The Band visits our town every year on occasion of the Four day's international walking march. I know them already from my childhood and I love the music.They are well respected guests. I trust that they will be here again in the year 2000 on occasion of the reopening of the Valkhof Castle. I look again to your photograph in your green suit with the golden heart. I recognise the eyes I saw the 8 of September after having burned copies of my confidential letters. Only the colour of the hair is different. But that does'nt matter. Tomorrow I will go on with the business. Before I will listen to the song 'Solo soy un bandido mi querido amor'.