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Tuesday, 18-02-1997
I think of William and his church confirmation. I wish I could help you as soon as possible. You can find strong allies in the Lion's organization. I got a lot of help and encouragement from them when I found myself in the same situation. Tonight I am going to visit the Lion's Club in Maarn. I think I will buy a little present in red and purple and a golden heart for the support my friends gave me during the last six years: The CD of the Young Tchaikowsky and your photograph on behalf of the Golden Heart Foundation. I also have to discuss the membership of the club in Stratford. I will discuss the situation. Towards me it can become love for her work. Nothing more. I consider her as a loved colleague. I hope she will work things out with Peter and reach a compromise. He has been involved in my former family problems. But those problems are over. He also has contact with the Transfer Point of the University of Nijmegen that disposes of the complete Business Plan. I will speak there next Monday. I prepare a list of action points:

1. Foundation companies and appointment managers
2. Foundation Princess Diana Fund
3. Change Foundation Cervantes Benelux into European Cervantes Foundation
4. Market research
5. Spanish Royal Visit Nijmegen 2000
6. Project Spanish speaking allochtons
7. Ambassadorship
8. Edition Cervantes
9. Publication in 'Source'
10. Establishment Cervantes Recruitment & Selection at Schiphol Airport
11. Schiphol Educational Project on behalf of Cervantes Training and Education
12. Financing
13. Wedding (

I received the magazine FamilieBedrijf (Family Company) with an article about 'Huis ter Duin', where my project started in a meeting with representatives of the Spanish Government and the Spanish Employer's Organization. The estate agent called. Visitors next Thursday. I will sell the house by auction in order to be able to buy an appartment at Walcote House. I found the orange brochure Partners in Groei en verandering (Partners in Growth and Change) of the Dutch Association of Participation Companies. Very interesting for our new Family Company. Tomorrow I will take action.