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Sunday 2-02-1997
Letter of confirmation and authorization to negotiate with Content. Lucaya. TV RTL5 19.05-20.00. Returned from Lucaya and saw the television programme. As a matter of fact I am shocked. I recognize every situation: In Málaga, in London, everywhere. Even the Harbour Club reminds me of the Harbour Lights in NOORDWIJK. Nevertheless I will stick to my promise I did in a fax to the management of de Baak that I will punish by Decrete every unauthorized involvement by paparazzi in privacy matters of the members and past members of the British Royal Family. I will directly turn to the Supreme European Court of Justice or our Queen in order to lay a claim on every photographer who takes photographs of you without your authorization. In Lucaya I received a key with the number D204. It was the wedding date of 'my angel'. I replied with the date 280997. I am waiting for your answer and will request my friend to reserve this date in his agenda to be my witness.