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Monday 27-01-1997. I see you got the message of the sunglasses. But what happened with your thigh? In our country Harvard is situated in ZEIST, where I once was a spider in a web, containing the Netherlands. From now on the organization has to be built up in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, England and Wales. There is a lot of work to do and there will always be resistance to overcome, so I will have a gruelling workout also this evening. I repeat the horoscope from the letter I sent today. It's mr Alan Beer. I sent him enclosed fax. He did not receive the letter that I did send to Mr. Zalm. My neighbour opposite showed me that the wall of my garden had tumbled down. I denounced this to the police that now is fully aware of my legal imperial position and assigned me a secret agent.

Saw the second programme of Peter R. de Vries ending in Bosch en Duin. Your Harvard-shirt has been very well chosen. I know exactly where Harvard is in the Netherlands. Thank you very much indeed! Now they can participate in the Cervantes Project.