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Tuesday 21-01-97
Plus Ultra of 22-04-92. I translate:

22 April 1992 - The day of the judgement
Yesterday with the Lions to the Keukenhof. Beautiful. A wonderful blue sky and all gradations in colours. The last day of our marriage, according to the law. Dinner in The Nightingale in Lisse. Coincidence, that nightingale? Our marriage started in the Nightingalestreet. This mornig breakfast in the pension Bernadette in the Quarles van Uffordstreet in NOORDWIJK. Afterwards bought flowers for the secretariat ánd for the manager. Walked through the Future Street. She looked worried when she saw me talking. She was called on the telephone. I told her that I went upstairs right away and I got coffee for her. Spoken about personal developments as a result of my Lions jacket. The course of my divorce procedure. She considered this well done. We spoke about feelings and she told me that I may not expect from her to speak about that issue. Afterwards spoken about the business plan of Cervantes. Report of visits: RCO, Señora Alonso, Dutch Spanish Chamber of Commerce, EVD Ministry of Economic Affairs. Her advices (repetition):

First make clear your product, than choose governors.
Make clear objectives for every visit.
Develop different scenario's, choose afterwards.
Choice for developing, look for a financier (Elsevier?, or company that find benefit from a complete service organization).
Dutch Spanish Chamber of Commerce is neutral.
Start with a joint venture.
Licenses: as contract Nieuw Elan-CERYSE.

The second week of July she goes on holiday. Before that time make an appointment for report Spain visits and further course formulation.'

I spoke her for the last time in October 1992. Her last words were; 'Next year both of us will have a booming business. On page 88 of 'Diana, her new life' I read 'The astrologer had forecast for example that the end of 1993 would bring a 'golden opportunity' for the princess in the form of a prestigious job, and while Diana waited for this chance to drop into her lap, the more sceptical of her friends suggested that people make their own luck in life'. The Dutch Spanish Chamber of Commerce went bankrupt in 1993. A situation that we had not foreseen and 'the annus horribilis' was a fact. April 1993 was for me 'the month of the truth' and for you as well, as I read in your life story. I read on page 58 'I have contracted. I've agreed to pay the piper for now. The fun is to come, maybe in two or three years. I'm learning to be patient.' Page 114 'Diana's oracle gave the date of Saturday 13 November - the day before Charles' forty-fifth birthday - as the turning point in his life'. So I consider the letter of 13 November 1996 as extremely important. Page 119 speaks about the quixotic quest. P. 124 'She sees herself marrying a foreigner or at least a man of foreign blood'. 'She is absolutely hell bent on finding another man at some stage. There is no one in mind but she does have a vision'. This reminds me of the Dragon Vision Wizard. Page 125 states 'While she is in command of her life in a way which was unthinkable even two years ago, a small corner of her heart still longed for a romantic knight in shining armour to whisk her away to a new life. 'Her head tells her that she would like to be the ambassador to the world, her heart tells her that she would like to be wooed by an adoring billionaire', comments a friend.'

So. Here We go! We can start the joint venture now.

It's getting time to expand my business to Britain. And you can be my financier. In love matters I act according to the Rules. So first we can do business. Love matters can be discussed in a later stage. So I herewith propose you to grant a loan to Instituto Cervantes Limited United Kingdom in order to be able to finance the foundation of the companies mentionned on page 16 of the Business Plan of 25-11-1996. You already received the bank account number (66834465 of NatWest). After having started the organization I gradually can pay you back and even be your adoring billionaire in a later stage. But I need your collaboration. Today I read that last night you were voted the world's most beautiful woman in a Mirror phone poll. Congratulations Empress! So I will get a great deal of competitors after having reached our business agreement. Please watch the timing!