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20 December 1996
FEEDBACK Dear Diana, Yesterday I noticed two red cars before my house. Sometimes I attribute significance to the codes of the number plates. HP-DS-33 means to me Haagse Post - Diana Spencer - crisis. When the car with this number appears I think there may be a crisis in the Royal Palace in the Hague. Sometimes the car with that number appears in my street and belongs to the firebrigade. So it did yesterday. A moment later arrived a red car with the number GR-BD-98. This means to me GReat Britain Diana 1998 and I think it is a forecast of something we have to celebrate in 1998.
This afternoon I saw the film Evita. Very inspiring. In my vision I see you and me in the year 1998 on the balcony of the Presidential Palace of Buenos Aires in Argentina, where you already once have been. I think that process can be continued. I saw the musical for the first time in your Prince of Wales Theatre. The year 1997 will be the year of the building of the new organization Instituto Cervantes Benelux and United Kingdom. I will adapt my business plan to that new situation and request the support of the task force Spanish in Education, Research and Management of the University of Nijmegen to carry out the plans in the Benelux. Afterwards I will come to Britain to build the organization in your country and I hope to have the occasion to visit St. James's Palace sometimes. Considering the circumstances not to be able to come to London this Christmas I greatfully accept your invitation to spend Christmas in Het Stadhouderlijk Hof in Leeuwarden hoping to meet there some new friends. I will go to Leeuwarden on Christmas Eve being aware that from that moment on I will be in debt with you. But I think the investment will be very worthwhile.