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22 October 1996
ASESSMENT Dear Diana, I would like you to inform that momentarily I'm passing a sort of assessment which I have given the codename Dragon Vision Wizard of Oz in which I succeeded succesfully in my opinion. I have been starting with the study of British Governmental Institutions and Educational System. I am also contemplating about monarchy within a European Perspective.

Next month I will have a conversation with a representative of the General Dutch Employers Association about the DIANA-progamme of de Baak. Next week I will discuss the progress of the Cervantes-plan with the Dutch ambassador in BRUSSELS. Last Saturday I was struck again by the message that ecstasy and other drugs had been found in the surroundings of Prince William at ETON COLLEGE. I have inmmediately requested to investigate if Dutch criminals are concerned in that very regrettable situation. Let's keep thinking positively according to the words of Andrew Neil last eight of October: 'He or she who laughs last laughs longest!'