Datum: Woensdag 6 april 2005 Betreft: PRINS RAINIER VAN MONACO OVERLEDEN Kenmerk: 20050406JHLH Dear Elizabeth, Ik vervolg mijn brief van gisteren. Brieven Huwelijksdatum verplaatst, Van Pasen tot Pinksteren en de felicitatiekaart voor De Vijfde Zuil om 16.30 ter verzending in de brievenbus van het postkantoor Nijmegen Dukenburg gedeponeerd. 18.24 An e-mail message about Letters to Diana Princess of Wales has been mailed to chrisdodd. Hello Chris, Thank you for your email From: "CHRISTOPHER DODD" Subject: Hi John Its Chris Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 23:19:31 +0100 Hi John How are you, hope you are well, had a really good time in Torremolinos easter weekend, shame i missed you as you would of only beaten me at pool again. If you want to register for Vat in the UK Vat is not the tax collectors it comes under customs and excise the best thing to do is to go to there ("their" Chris!) website, which is www.hmce.gov.uk Here you will find all the information you need. Hope this is of use to you and hope to see you next time i am in Spain, hopefully at the beginning of May. Let me know if you are back in Spain now and please send my best wishes to all at BAR NUMBER 1 See you all soon Cheers Chris.

As a matter of fact I find myself in The Netherlands at the moment. My grandson Lucas will be baptized on the 16th of May and it's likely that I will remain here until then. I followed your advise and sent yesterday the 4th of April the following message to Customs and excise: Last Thursday I sent the following letter to one of your colleagues in Dover. Mr G.P Mitchell HM Inspector of Taxes Bench Street Dover - Kent CT16 1RG UNITED KINGDOM Date: 31st of March 2005 Concerns: VAT-number Instituto Cervantes Ltd' Our Ref.: 20050331ICIR Your ref.: 240 67551 27448 A Dear Mr. Mitchell, With reference to my letters IC/IR970625 of the 25th of June and IC/IR990128 of the 28th of January 1999 I herewith request you to provide me a VAT-number on behalf of the Limited Company Instituto Cervantes England and Wales, registered under company number 3300636 at Companies House Cardiff. Please send the number to P.O. Box 689, NL 3500 AR UTRECHT, KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS and my emailadress. Thank you very much in advance Yours Sincerely, JOHN L. VAN DER HEYDEN CC EH and HJC Cyprus I was told by a British friend from Kent that I have to contact you. Therefore I request you to send me by email a VAT-number on behalf of the above mentionned company. Thank you very much.

I received their immediate reply: Thank you for your enquiry. This will be dealt with as quickly as possible and we aim to reply within 10 working days of receipt, our current Charter Standard. Please note: this message is generated automatically. Therefore please do not reply to this message. Next Monday your Parliament will be closed because of the next elections on the 5th of May. Today I sent Prince Charles a card with the following message:

Nijmegen, 5th of April 2005. Royal Highness, We would like to congratulate You on Your New Future Path starting next Saturday 9th of April. I hope our mutual problem as being expressed in my letter JH/PC980918 of the 18th of September 1998 will be solved before Your Wedding Day. Yours Sincerely, John L. van der Heyden P.O. Box 689 NL 3500 AR Utrecht Kingdom of The Netherlands.

Because of my letter JH/TB980918 I expect from Tony Blair and His Royal Highness that they solve the problem before next Saturday. Otherwise the Prime Minister will not be re-elected on the 5th of May. I may suppose. When I have won this game you may beat me again at the pool-table. And please, Chris do never forget: AS THE FINAL TOUCH GOD CREATED THE DUTCH! CHEERS, JOHN

18.30 Huwelijksplechtigheid Charles en Camilla zaterdag 13.30 uur Het ziet er dus naar uit dat hij alles voor elkaar heeft. Dan zijn wij NU aan de beurt.

Woensdag 6 april 2005 Het nieuws van vandaag. Prins Rainier van Monaco overleden. De Telegraaf schrijft over hem: Rainier, grossier in glitter en glamour. Hierin staat gememoreerd dat Prins Albert en Prinses Caroline bij het huwelijk van Willem-Alexander en Máxima waren uitgenodigd. Ik had mij bij dat huwelijk als getuige aangeboden. Ik ben nu benieuwd naar de exacte relatie tussen zijn zoon en opvolger Prins Albert en mijn domeinnaam Cervantes.nu. Caroline en Stéphanie zijn belangrijke getuigen van de gebeurtenissen op 18 augustus 1997 toen Diana in Monaco met Dodi Fayed in onderhandeling was conform mijn verzoek van 10 augustus 1997. Ik citeer pagina 391 van mijn boek.

I may presume that your contact with your Egyptian friend will be temporary, but in case you might meet him another time I would appreciate if he can bring me into contact with Princess Stephanie from Monaco. She will certainly be able to provide me some informal investors for The Company because I know some people from Monaco in Stratford.

Een zeer kwalijke rol in deze aangelegenheid is vervuld door de Amerikaanse Kelly Fisher. Door haar ongevraagde inmenging in een zakelijke aangelegenheid zijn Diana's onderhandelingen met de Egyptische playboy toen ernstig verstoord. Ik citeer mijn boek van 18 augustus 1997 in dit verband. De dag waarop ik in Kensington Palace mijn Certificate of Incorporation heb afgegeven voor Diana.

I started the day with reading 'The Daily Telegraph', Page 3. 'Royal holidaymakers start with a wave' and 'Fayed farrago is a complicated affair'. I quote some lines. 'Kelly Fisher, the rejected amour of Dodi Fayed, yesterday told how he asked her to have his child at the same time as he courted Diana, Princess of Wales... Yesterday, in her first interview, the News of the World reported that Mr Fayed "made love to her by moonlight on a yacht across the bay from Princess Diana and whispered 'I love you so much. I want you to have my baby.... During the day Dodi would disappear with some excuse about visiting his father for half an hour. He'd reappear more than four or five hours later without explanation - other than not his father needed him. Now I know that it was at the time he was romancing Diana - either ashore or on Mohamed Fayed's yacht." She spared few details. I was blissfully unaware that the man trying to father my child was setting his sight on Diana." She even revealed that the last time she had unprotected sex with Mr Fayed was three weeks ago." etc. etc. Then I visited Kensington Palace. I was introduced into the life of your palace and found myself directly at home. The lady who guided us around gave me a wonderful first introduction into the life of Kensington Palace. I thanked her by giving her a copy of our Certificate of Incorporation, with the images of the Order of the Garter: HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE. I told her that I was the legal competitor of the King of Spain, but that I want to collaborate. In the Orangery I was inmediately recognized by a girl from last 22 April. I told her about my plans and she advised me to take care and hoped that I would come more often. They are very concerned about you and I hope I can come back

Als Albert kinderloos blijft is het niet uitgesloten dat er in Monaco een Hannover op de troon komt. Familie van Charles.

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Mark en Ramon gun ik al jaren alle vrijheid van de wereld. Wij hebben ze opgevoed tot zelfstandigheid en het nemen van eigen verantwoordelijkheid, zoals ik dat ook aan Pieter Wijffels en andere kinderen heb getracht over te brengen tijdens het vormselproject in Maarn onder mijn verantwoordelijkheid in die tijd. Van Alpha Mega in VALKENSWAARD ontving ik het Web Succes Magazine 64 met instructies om te uploaden. Als me dat lukt hoef ik jou geen briefjes meer te sturen elke dag en begin ik met een nieuwe rubriek met de naam Berichten uit de Keizer Karelstad. 16.45 Ik ben er de hele middag mee bezig geweest, maar het is mij niet gelukt. TOT MORGEN, DAN KOM IK IN UTRECHT