27 november 2000. Betreft: URGING TO THE LOO Kenmerk: JH/HdK20001127.2. Torremolinos, maandag 27 november 2000. Ik heb mijn brief van vandaag bij het postkantoor ter verzending aangeboden. In verband met de actualiteit laat ik Heydanus nu weer even rusten. De goede man ligt immers al vanaf 15 mei 1586 in Bacharach am Rhein op het kerkhof. Mijn gekidnapte partner inmiddels meer dan drie jaar op een eiland op het landgoed Althorp in het Verenigd Koninkrijk. Ik heb nu dus besloten weer even te werken aan het boek 'How to build the Bridge...' Ik ben thans aangeland bij de datum 18 maart 1997. Tuesday, 18-03-1997 'Constant hammering on the same string' was a favourite expression of my former colleague director of the Institute of English Studies. In 1980 this institute had 2400 adult students spread over the country learning Elementary English, Conversation, Fluency, First Certificate and Proficiency of the University of Cambridge. I realize that I took over his duties in 1981. It was a very hard job, but I did it with a lot of pleasure. Now I am looking forward to a new collaboration with a British Institute, Henley Management College. Yesterday I visited the process-server. He is willing to help me and give me an advice to hand the problem over to a Dutch lawyer specialized in criminal law with whom I may reach an agreement on a no cure no pay basis. I also visited Lucaya in Oz. They gave me key number A7 and I answered with 7-04-97. First I met a lady in a purple bathrobe and an orange towel. Of course I recognize the simbolism at once. Afterwards I found a yellow bathrobe next to my red towel. It reminded me of Peter. I wrote him a letter and invited him in my house on the 7th of April and to do his homework. In Lucaya I was slightly moved by an English lullaby and the music of Concierto de ARANJUEZ. I visited the former Palace of King Alfonso XIII in ARANJUEZ on Saturday the 23d of May 1992. It was the start of my ride through La Mancha. But it awoke also my interest for Spanish history. Today I continue with reading the horoscope. Cancer: 'Your independent nature scores! A beautiful contract can result from activities you did on the off chance. Be suspicious when a business relation asks extreme demands.'

I hope it will be the contract of the foundation of the Princess Diana Fund from which you can continue your charity works on a worldwide scale in good collaboration with the European Cervantes Foundation. There is no need for suspicion in my direction. Just like your Prime Minister they may call me 'Honest John'. Virgo: 'When you are diplomatic everyone will collaborate today. A secret business appointment may contain traps. An exchange strengthens an important business relationship.' Yesterday I was called by a person with whom I had a large correspondence of more then 400 pages. This person has a lot of resentment, but I wrote the whole correspondence in her favour as the result of her advice to work out my experiences in a case study. She may dispose of the whole correspondence. This would be a very important exchange and will certainly strenghten our business relationship. Pisces: 'A financial delay is boring but gives you the time to gather a cunning advice. Networks give an important lead to the competition.' I advised him to ask advices to George. He is an expert in business integration processes and belongs to our joint network. Scorpio: 'By following an advice of a newcomer you may lose the right way. Put your personal stamp on everything you do. Investigate the information you will receive from someone far away.' The newcomer may be Mr Fontein of Henley. I will call him now...... It was a pleasant conversation. Mr Fontein will invite me for the first information days in May for the new courses. We agreed that I will render him my services as a first step to a collaboration with the British institute. The English horoscope. Scorpio: 'Both personally and at work everything appears to be out of control but it is a question of handling situations with a bit of common sense. This is an ideal week to feather your own nest. Ignore the demands of those who are not entirely trustworthy.' That's right! When I came home tonight I found a letter of my lawyer with the message that he had stopped the deposit procedure of the tradename Instituto Cervantes in Great Britain. I inmediately reacted with a fax message with the text I wrote in my letter to you on that he has to go on 15-03-97. I hope I can feather my nest in Walcote House. I received an invitation by Mrs Jane Heppel and reacted with the fax message: I acknowledge receipt of your fax message of today whith your kind invitation to show me around on Friday 25th April at Walcote House between 9 A.M. - 4.30 P.M.

The travel schedule in Britain will be:
April 21 - Departure Schiphol

April 24 - Henley Management College
April 25 - Walcote House, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwick

The continuing story is still open. I also intend to remain some days in Stratford-upon-Avon afterwards and I also pointed in my agenda April 18, St. James's Palace London. But that depends on an invitation for a visit to that Palace. I think a suitable time for a visit to you will be 2.00 PM. Unfortunately I have to ignore the demands of my President, who wrote me a letter that reminded me of your book and the period in which you have been accused for 'paranoia'. I have no 'paranoia-problem'. I only keep things secret that I share with a beloved person. The article 'Diana drives them dotty', covered by orange today in the Daily Mail, page 14, reminds me in that respect to a very special occasion. It was on the 19th of October 1990. That day Elizabeth met me at the station of Leiden and took me to Noordwijk. She announced: 'Today a new leader will be born'. In the evening we had dinner together and she honoured me with a speech, a kiss, a bunch of red roses and a ribbon with red hearts. I was delighted. Of course. I was aware that one has to suffer to reach leadership. Mr Mandela that you visited this weekend is the very example. When Prince Willem-Alexander visited South-Africa last year he visited Mr Mandela's prison on Robben Island. I inmediately had to think of the 'prison' that I had to visit from May 1993 until the first of December 1994.


Mr Mandela seems to me a noble man with a noble character and high standards. I appreciate his remark 'It would be treason to kiss her.' Nevertheless I think you deserve a kiss for everything you did. To be honest: I love the pleasure you have with Mr Mandela, but I don't like the dress, unless it contains a golden heart.

Wednesday, 19-03-1997
I read the message 'Mandela nodigt voetbalelftal uit' in NRC of yesterday. Translation: 'ZEIST, 18th March. President Mandela of South-Africa has invited the Dutch soccer team to come to play in June on occasion of his inauguration in 1994 in Johannesburg. Probably there will be played on 4 or 5 June. Also Ruud Gullit, player/trainer at Chelsea, has been invited.' I worked in ZEIST. My name is Johannes. The name of our family is connected with many 'burgs' (buroughs - Edinburough for example) and Liesbeth believes in the selffulfilling prophecy. And so do I. So I hope to be fit to come to Chelsea as soon as possible. 11.00: Sent enclosed fax message to my estate agent. I translate: 'Buyer declares herewith not to derive any right from the mentioning of the adress 'De Wellenkamp 15-30, 6545 NM NIJMEGEN' on writing paper and other printed matter of for example

The Office of Diana, Princess of Wales
His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange
His Royal Highness Prince Willem-Friso of Orange-Nassau
Her Royal Higness Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus of the Netherlands
His Royal Highness Prince Filip of Belgium
Son Altesse Royale le Grand-Duc Héritier Prince Henri de Luxembourg
Su Alteza Real el Príncipe de Asturias Don Felipe de Borbón y Borbón
The Prime Minister of the State of the Netherlands
The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Spain
The President of the Dutch employer's organization VNO-NCW
The director of the Management Centre VNO-NCW and
The Lord Mayor of Nijmegen

Which will remain reserved to Sir Johannes Lambertus Van der Heyden, born in Nijmegen on the 9th of November 1947.' The Main Theme today is 'To get acquainted' and I think of the Main Theme of the tenth of September 1996 - Spider in the Web: 'How to get the bridge and how to become the partner?' That day I delivered two letters at Palace Huis ten Bosch. I read the horoscope, Cancer: 'You find yourself on a crossing and you are considering a new relationship. With a portion of luck and a smart strategy yo can not fail in fact! A family member perhaps wants to be reassured after a recent disappointment' and I see Queen Beatrix on the front page of the paper wearing a green Butterfly in Dwingeloo. The colour of the Institute of English Studies. Her Royal Majesty puts the sign on green. The coast is clear. 'Dwingeloo' means 'urging to the Loo: the Royal Palace in Apeldoorn. I expect that We will be welcome. She made a 40 kilometers long trip on horseback along a path of love for Butterflies. The green and purple butterfly can come together now. The 9th of October I sent a letter to Elizabeth concerning 'British Heart Foundation' and the text 'Dear Elizabeth, Now I found a New Partner Who's very fond of Horse Riding!' The day before I sent a letter to Mr Cesar Rennert concerning 'New Hope'. Het is nu dus wel helemaal duidelijk waarom zij in Sydney in het openbaar naar het toilet ging. Ik heb overigens nog niet kunnen vaststellen dat die Australische voetballer Brett Emerton inmiddels al naar Nijmegen is verhuisd. Het predikaat 'koninklijk' was onze voetbalclub gisteren overigens nog niet waardig. Daar heeft Mart Smeets zijn zegje al over gedaan. Ik mag aannemen dat dat inmiddels is overgekomen bij de heren uit de Keizerstad. Met name de aanhang uit Gennep was hier duidelijk zichtbaar aan de Zuidkust van de Europese Unie. Zoals vanouds heeft de scheidsrechter het weer gedaan. De heren dienen echter alleen op elkaar te letten en de bal. Zodra ze de tegenstander niet meer zien staan zal elk schot op doel een doelpunt worden. Dat heeft Jan Peters al aangetoond in Wembley met Oranje. Vervolgens stel ik vast dat ik Liesbeth heb beloofd de zaak geheim te houden. The day before I sent a letter to Mr Cesar Rennert concerning 'New Hope'. I know what Elizabeth means by stating 'We discussed your proposal this week with attention and profundity. It seems to us that you have nice and good ideas.' I know her too well. During her ride the Queen came to stand eye in eye twice with groups of hunters. It reminds me of a remark that I made in the Engelenburg about the goddess of hunting. I enclose copies of my fax message of the tenth of October to the Director. The translation is as follows: 'At this moment I try to make a final end to the sorrows of a woman who has been tortured during years and to whom I feel very responsible. Therefore I need your help and like to talk with you, as well as the developments of Instituto Cervantes up to now and the taken decisions within the framework'. I may believe that you will have enough expertise in the House to translate these letters. I have no time at the moment. Ajax just has beaten Madrid. They must have learned from their 'Nekslag on the Mookerhei', the 8th of September 1996 in Nijmegen. I visited the accupuncturist for new energy and met the father of a former pupil. It was Mr. Van der Harten. He is a cousin of the former Royal Commissionar of the Province of Northern Brabant. I told him about the 'Golden Heart Foundation' that I founded for a Princess to hearten Her and to help Her to find a new way in life. Virgo: 'Thanks to a renewed method and technological knowledge you will complete a complicated mission in a record time. Be careful then you will avoid a loss in the share market. Bring extra money to the bank'. I think it would be wise to bring some extra money to the bank in order to reserve it for the new joint venture 'de Baak - Cervantes'. Pisces: 'Certain financial limitations will come to an end. Although your actual employer gives you attempting offers perhaps it will getting time to move. A potential romantical partner needs some encouragement perhaps'. His actual employer is my former neighbour. I think he will be wise to get into contact with my former 'romantical partner' as he sees it. Scorpio: 'Comply with a sudden inspiration, it will be the right decision. By investing smartly sorrows about money will belong to the past. Prefer to be philosophical to being practical.' I faxed every information concerning my claim on the state to the process-server in Oz. I hope our Chancellor of the Exchequer Mr Zalm will come 'over the bridge' within the shortest term.

Thursday, 20-03-1997. Green Light! is the heading of the paper of today. Cancer: 'If you give the lead to someone else, you will not be blamed if a plan may fail. Adventure attracts when you visit old friends. Be friendly when someone calls you'. I think of Prince Johan-Friso. During the last year I wrote him three letters already and mentionned your name. I foresee that you will visit The Hague in due course.

Virgo: 'Superiors will keep you on your word. Your friendship with someone of the opposite sex appears to be extremely useful. Be more reserved about your financial matters.' In 1992 she gave me The Word: 'Next year both of us will have a flowering business. Her only superior is the queen. Someone of the opposite sex may be Peter although I may consider myself as a friend of her as well. I supported her from the first moment we met until now. Pisces: 'Your good relationship with someone of the opposite sex now enters into the matter. Keep this relationship strictly businesslike. A financial decision may cause worries.' Here we are. This is a very good suggestion: not getting involved into personal matters. Scorpio: 'A romance that one moment is on and the other moment out puts you before mysteries. Try to find out in which degree another person is committed to you. All goes well when you reopen negotiations about a business contract.'

I see before me a traffic light. The day before you left to Australia, Tuesday the 29th of October, I received in my misterious surprise package three lights in the colours red, yellow and green. I think you are very committed to me because you expressed three times your unhappiness on the 13th of November not to be able to have Christmas together.

This evening I will light those candles, keep the signal on green and restart negotiations about the business contract next Saturday in Utrecht. I will start with a telephone call to George. He is not at home. This gives me the opportunity to translate enclosed letters. I was interrupted by a telephone call from someone who has a conflict with de Baak. I told him not to interfere. I don't want the work of Elizabeth to be damaged. So here you find the translations. JH/WS961011: 'I like to thank you for the confidential conversation to which you gave me the occasion yesterday. I will execute the discussed issue. Evenso I confirm that I decided to devote myself to educational tasks within a European Perspective. I am prepared to establish myself therefore definitively in the United Kingdom.' ICB/Baak961012. 'Dear Sweetheart, Harry sent me the new programme of de Baak. I like to react from a personal point of view because I have been frightened of your photograph, that fills me with concern. I have a photograph of you with a smiling face in a golden list. Now you are looking worried, depressed and tired into the world. I have that very much at heart. You may know that. You still mean a lot to me. I hope you will care well for yourself and that other people will care for you too. I think that my developments towards United Kingdom meanwhile have become an irreversable process. This week I visited Palace Het Loo and made there some new commitments. Meanwhile the 'secrets of purple' are going to leak out slowly in this country and I have not so much need at this moment to reach the press, although in some occasions it can lead to a solution. That experienced Diana this week after I found last Sunday the photograph of her that I sent to you with the cap with the lettering '492'. This set me very hard to thinking and I asked myself where it came from. The sauna in Oz meanwhile has become the place where the secret communication took place and I obviously start from the idea that everything I write to you will remain confidential ever. I will never abuse that confidential relationship. Already in an earlier stage that I reported to you I met a London bus with 'Honeymoon Travels', here on the Maas-Waal Canal a boat with the lettering 'Success II' and last week I also noticed a purple Mercedes D190 on a known place after I had determined that purple also had become a fashion colour in cosmetics. Yesterday... (12.04 New helicopter survey) ...I noticed on the same place a car with the lettering 'Yes Uncle John' a while after a car had passed me with the commercial 'Fly Away with British Airway' and the 'Land of Hope and Glory' had sounded in many houses. A lot of things has preceded this week. Last Monday I took action direction United Kingdom. Tuesday I tuned in on BBC1 and gradually the messages came over. It began with the scandalous story in The Sun and Diana's reaction that it had something to do with her 'first engagement after her divorce'. On 13.35 h. an AWAC exploration plane came flying low over my house and the stream of gossips reached gale force. Diana herself came into picture during her visit to the London Lighthouse in a red suit of which I was very charmed and that appeared familiar to me. In the evening turned out the hoax of 'the sergeant' and the rest I will keep secret. Fortunately it has made an end to all the gossips around her. Wednesday I went again to the sauna. Then I got the number D220 and combined this with number '492' on Diana's cap of the photograph I sent to you. I read D220492: 'Diana, 22nd of April 1992', so. On that day I visited you. That day has to me the same significance as the 28th of August 1996 to her. From that moment on I am completely conscious that I have to take up a new responsibility and that certainly will do: the education of Prince William. Aan deze toezegging tot geheimhouding komt wel een keer een eind. Ik vind het daarom belangrijk dat we de zaak in eerste instantie zakelijk blijven houden. Een goede samenwerking blijft daarbij voorop staan. In verband met deze ontwikkelingen heb ik thans (17.57) besloten deze brief ook nog vandaag te verzenden. Vanavond en morgen werk ik dan weer verder aan


(Thans verkrijgbaar)