Naam Jacqueline Lee BOUVIER  Birth 28 jul 1929, East Hampton, Suffolk Co, NY17 Death 19 mei 1994, New York City, NY Burial 23 mei 1994, Arlington, Arlington Co, VA18 Vader John Vernou BOUVIER III (1891-1957) Moeder Janet Norton LEE (1906-) Misc. NotesBefore marrying JFK, Jackie worked as a photo journalist in Washington DC.

While dating JFK, Jackie did not want him to know that she was not rich and think that she was only marrying him for his money. So, she went to great lengths to appear rich.

She was said to be the only First Lady to resemble royalty. She shunned the media and never publicly discussed the assassination of JFK, how she felt about it, or the alleged affairs of her first husband.18
MedicalIn 1955 Jackie suffered a miscarriage, and in 1956 she gave birth to a stillborn baby.15Echtgenoten 1 John Fitzgerald KENNEDY 11,12 Birth 29 mei 1917, Brookline, Norfolk Co, MA11 Death 22 nov 1963, Dallas, Dallas Co, TX13 Burial 25 nov 1963, Arlington, Arlington Co, VA14 Vader Joseph Patrick KENNEDY (1888-1969) Moeder Rose Elizabeth FITZGERALD (1890-1995)
Marriage 12 sep 1953, Newport, Newport Co, RI19,20
Kinderen Caroline Bouvier (1957-)
John Fitzgerald (1960-1999)
Patrick Bouvier (1963-1963)
2 Aristotle Socrates ONASSIS
Death 15 maa 1975
Marriage 22 okt 1968, Skorpios, Greece21,22
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