Español Nederlands

The logo will be differentiated for the benefit of the different divisions as mentionned at the end of this business plan.
The house colour is purple, code 512 from the Pantone Matching System (as the Princess Diana-stamp).

a. Spanish in Spain
Concerning the offer of Spanish in Spain don Quijote has a monopoly position in the Netherlands.
With the support of the Asociación de Escuelas de español para extranjeros en Andalucía, Study Travel, the Malaca Instituto and the Spanish Tourist Boards in The Hague and BRUSSELS Instituto Cervantes Holding Ltd will extend the offer of Spanish in Spain with Spanish in Andalusia.

b. No undesired market penetration of foreign competitors
Instituto Cervantes Holding Ltd considers it undesirable that the Spanish organization Instituto Cervantes, established in Alcalá de Henares, will develop educational activities in the British, Dutch, Belgian and Luxemburg market before long term agreements have been made for cooperation. Furthermore it is forbidden by law. The Spanish institute in Utrecht operates under the jurisdiction of Instituto Cervantes Benelux in order to create a good structure of deliberation. The responsibility concerning the negotiations about this issue have been delegated to Her Royal Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands en His Royal Majesty the King of Spain.

c. Promotion Spanish for business
In order to reach the top of the market in collaboration with the institute CERYSE and the Spanish employers organization Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales (CEOE) in Madrid a programa de promoción will be developed for high company executives. Therefore the owner of
Instituto Cervantes Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales has created an important responsibility for the Dutch Management Centre of the employers organization VNO/NCW de Baak in NOORDWIJK and DRIEBERGEN in the Netherlands. Consideration has taken place about a cruise on behalf of captains of industry. Starting point is a programme of the utmost quality with the objective to create a maximum of PR-effect and spin off. The aim is the creation of a Cervantes Circle, analogue to the Baak-kring.

d. Collaboration with the Dutch-Spanish Chamber of Commerce
In 1992 an agreement was made with the Dutch-Spanish Chamber of Commerce. This Chamber went bankrupt in 1993. The interest of the Dutch companies in Spain nowadays are looked after by the recently founded Dutch-Spanish Centre for Trade Promotion. MR. J.L. VAN DER HEYDEN has contacted this NSHC a time ago in order to continue the former settlement within these new developments. In a joint effort Instituto Cervantes Holding Ltd
can carry out the in 1992 given advice of the Dutch Spanish Chamber of Commerce to execute or having executed a market research with personnel officers of Akzo, KLM, Heineken, Philips, Mudanzas De Haan, Océ Van der Grinten, Bührmann-Tetterode, Nationale Nederlanden, AEGON, ABN-AMRO, ING, Rabobank, Nedlloyd, DSM and PTT-Telecom. The 2nd of December 1996 he has requested the cooperation in obtaining information about future needs of recruitment, selection, education and training to the Presidents of the Board of Directors of 32 multinationals that are active in the Dutch-Spanish speaking market. This information is to be found on page 34 of Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales. The article 'Geen financiële reserves bij veel scholingsfondsen' in 'De Telegraaf' of the 4th of December 1996 mentions the disposition of 650 million Dutch guilders for employability improvement in the Building Industry section. For this reason he also started a market research in this market section the 6th of December 1996.

e. Other forms of collaboration
Instituto Cervantes Holding Ltd will cooperate with interested hispanists with the promotion of the need of knowledge of Spanish. Instituto Cervantes Holding Ltd requires high demands on the continuity of the new organization. Division managers will take care for the progress of the existing activities. The management direction - consisting of one or more managers - will take the responsibility for permanent search of new markets and the development of new products in consideration with the division managers. By means of collaboration with business consultants oriented on Spain and Latin America Instituto Cervantes Holding Ltd will offer tailor made trainings, educational programmes and seminars. A selection of possible participants in Cervantes Centres of Study can be made from the guide Spaans in Nederland.