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The primary process of Instituto Cervantes Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales aims at supplying in an adequate way existing and future labour supply by means of courses, trainings and educational programmes towards the future labour market within the Dutch-Spanish and English-Spanish speaking relationship.

Ad a. Labour supply
Actual labour supply and existing knowledge and skills in the Netherlands need to be shown completely. For this purpose an inventory of human resources is necessary within the scope of future Dutch-Spanish relations, starting with an investigation of existing knowledge and skills in collaboration with the Dutch Ministries of Social Affairs and Labours and Education, Culture and Sciences.
The communication has specificly taken place with the first Purple Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands between 1994 and 1998 (below).

Because of some changes in Dutch Government and the sudden death of Diana the continuity of the business has been brought into danger for some time.

Ad b. Educational Programmes
In order to realise a good tuning of active institutions in the educational field in our market segment a clear sight is necessary of educational institutions where Spanish is taught; existing and future educational supply at:

universitary education
lower professional education
middle professional education
high professional education
general school education
regular adult education
recognized private education

For this purpose further investigation is necessary. The Association Spanish at School and the section Spanish of the Association of Teachers in Foreign Languages have set their first step already as published in their guide Spaans in Nederland, copyright 1996, Sectie Spaans VLLT. The continuation of this investigation needs to offer a clear sight of numbers of pupils, main subjects, future function qualifications and quantititive and qualitative forecasts. That task has already been taken over by my colleagues of the Spanish Instituto in Utrecht. For which We are extremely grateful.

Ad c. Labour Market
Investigation after existing companies and other organizations in the Dutch-Spanish and English-Spanish commercial relationship is needed. Necessary is an inventory of:

all active companies in the Dutch-Spanish and English-Spanish commercial relationship
the supporting organizations
existing personal functions
existing function descriptions

with the requiered numbers and the quantitative forecasts in the years 2004 until 2010.

For this collaboration with the Dutch-Spanish Centre for Trade Promotion and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and British organizations in this field is urgently desired.

After having accomplished a clear sight, a connection will be made between labour supply and demand of qualified employees in this market segment and will be worked to further development of educational provisions for the benefit of this market segment. A Dutch-Spanish Career Centre like the model of Manpower Consultancy (De Telegraaf 26-10-1996) is to be considered.

Also an identical Belgian paragraph will be integrated in this business plan.

You find the owner of the company in the very center of the photograph below on the place of Her Royal Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands.