Gisteravond heb ik een bezoek gebracht aan BRASSERIE LA TABERNA. Daar had ik sinds lange tijd weer eens een gesprek met MARY als vermeld in I AM SAILING. Daarna heb ik de Europese Champions League Finale MANCHESTER UNITED - CHELSEA gezien in de IRISH BAR HARP. Ik ben trots op EDWIN VAN DER SAR vanwege zijn snoekduik gisteravond in MOSKOU before the eyes of the world waarmee hij MANCHESTER UNITED aan de titel hielp. Hij is vermeld in FOUR YEARS LATER, VAN DER SAR, AD KREUGER, NIEUWE BELEIDSMEDEWERKSTER, THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT DIANA, PRIORITEIT NUMMER ÉÉN, AHEAD AGAIN, GELIJK SPEL, HET ONTZET VAN LEIDEN en KING WILLIAM. De statistiek. 680 bezoeken. In de Top 100 van 4593 verwijzende pagina's vandaag speciale belangstelling voor 94. REDDINGSPLAN VITESSE en 98. TO THE LOO. Ik beschouw Bill en Hillary Clinton als goede vrienden. Ik kreeg van Hillary de volgende vraag voorgelegd: Subject: A clear message Date: May 21, 2008 9:26:58 PM GMT+02:00 Dear John, I owe our 35-point win in Kentucky yesterday to your incredible support. So let me ask you -- do you think we should let the TV talking heads have the final say in this race? Or should we do what we have always done, and fight together for what you and I believe in? I have never for one moment forgotten what this race is about -- the millions of people who are looking to you and me for the leadership America needs. It's about getting our economy moving again. It's about bringing the war in Iraq to a responsible end. It's about fulfilling America's energy needs while protecting the planet for our children and grandchildren. It's about making sure that every man, woman, and child in America has health care. Now we have just three races left, and your help is absolutely critical in these final two weeks. So let's do it. Let's keep fighting and winning together, as we have all along. Contribute today and let's keep driving toward victory. Let's talk about the state of this race. I've won more votes than anyone running for the Democratic nomination in the history of our party. I've won states that will total 308 electoral votes in November -- more than enough to carry the general election. And it is critical that we make certain the more than 2 million voters in Florida and Michigan are heard. We can let the media decide this race. We can let the pundits be the ones who determine our party's nominee. Or we can listen to the voters. Yesterday, voters in Kentucky joined you in sending a clear message -- this campaign is far from over. Throughout it all, through the ups and downs of this race, you've been there, supporting me every step of the way. Help me send a strong message that this race isn't over yet. Contribute now to help us in the final three races. I'm so proud of what we accomplished yesterday in Kentucky, and of all the victories we celebrated together. We've worked too hard to stop now. Thank you for your incredible support. I don't have to tell you that I couldn't do this without you. Sincerely, Hillary Rodham Clinton Antwoord 9:45 Dear Hillary, I received your clear message of today and am proud of the attention that you are paying every day to my support to your campaign. I have never forgotten the visit you paid to the Netherlands on the 27th of May 1997 as you can read at page 258 of my book LETTERS TO DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES that I also published on my own website at As far as I remember it was also in the presence of our Dutch state's secretary of education Mrs Tineke Netelenbos. PRINCESS DIANA AND I had a very strong mission at that time to bring people together. People that understand each other in the Dutch, English and Spanish speaking world. We called that OUR QUIXOTIC QUEST. It takes a lot of idealism and courage to carry out such a MISSION. Even when people try to bring you down like happened with DIANA. Still nowadays I find the opposition of people trying to bring me down. Since the awful death of MY LADY DIANA on the 31st of august 1997 I worked more than ten years to safeguard Her honour. I am not very proud of what the papers say and try as far as I can to act completely according to the laws. We are exactly from the same age and share the same ideas like I also did with Diana. So I recognize this in your fight for the presidential nomination. I agree completely with your message of today concerning the 2 million voters in Florida and Michigan. I will never forget that George W. Bush became the first illegal president of the United States eight years ago thanks to the manipulation of the elections of that same state of Florida where his brother was the governor. My book LETTERS TO DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES ­ that can be purchased at - contains a copyright. But I think the best present that I can give you to win this race is allowing you to quote my book. I wish you again all the SUCCESS OF THE WORLD. JOHN L. VAN DER HEYDEN TORREMOLINOS SPAIN Ontvangstbevestiging Subject: Thank You Date: May 22, 2008 9:45:27 AM GMT+02:00 Ik heb gisteren overigens ook in de IRISH BAR HARP gegeten. Want NUEVO LANJARÓN is tot en met morgen gesloten PARA DESCANSO DEL PERSONAL.